Sunday, June 8, 2014

A mistake?

We've had a bit of a rough weekend. Someone got up around 5:30 both mornings, much to mama's annoyance. Which led to a cranky mommy and a tired boy by the end of the day. Yesterday we went to look at a kitten. And then we brought her home. Which I'm not sure was a good idea now. Of course Jackson is quite smitten with her, and she is adorable, but I think she's just so young! There is no way she is already 8 weeks. And I'd have preferred her to be closer to 12. Why did I do it? No idea really. My two cats are not impressed, and the dog is obsessed. Little Elsa is currently spending all her time in the guest room, with the usual supplies of course, and many visits from both of us. But she is a very social little thing, wants to cuddle and follow us around. I hope it works out, but I am worried she'll have to go. And I'm not sure how to do that, whether to see if the rescue will take her back, find her a new home or what.

Jackson had a sore throat and runny nose yesterday, so we didn't spend much time outside. Today we were out in the back for a little while but not long, no trips to the park. He played with his toys, and didn't eat a whole lot. He did have a lot of freezies, Popsicle and ice cream. I hope he is feeling better tomorrow. Though I wouldn't mind missing a day or two of work. I think we would drive each other crazy being home again. And if he is well enough to want to be a the park, then he is well enough for daycare and school.

Work is a bit frustrating, my boss announced he is looking for a change. So we'll be getting a new manager. I have never had a manager move on before, usually I move before they do or the teams are shuffled somehow. But in this case he is looking to move and we are just going to deal with it. I like the man, he is great, though he is very disorganized, and seems constantly overwhelmed with his job. I think he's been doing this particular job for too long. Of course I am worried about who will replace him, always a risk.  I much prefer to choose the job and my manager than have it forced upon me. The work itself isn't bad, just need some direction, half the time I feel like I'm heading in the wrong direction. I feel like that in my whole life sometimes. But then I remember my little boy, and I know it will be ok in the end.