Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bummis Easy Fit

I love this diaper!  I ordered from a place in BC that had a deal, spend $25 and get a free one size diaper.  She picks one to send and you get a surprise!  I got a one size bummis easy fit and have to say it is a really great diaper.  So nice I ordered two more! And I don't need any more lol. 

It has snaps to adjust the rise from 8 to 35 pounds, and velcro on the waist, with laundry tabs that really do work.  I washed/dried it three times to prep it and the first time I put it on him I was really impressed with the fit.  I have a big boy, he's not even 1  yet but over 32 inches and 23 pounds, so I need something that will last awhile and this sure will. 

The soaker is neat, it agitates out in the wash and you stuff it back in, so in that sense it's kind of like a pocket, but because it's all attached you don't have to wonder which insert goes with which diaper, you just stuff it back in there.  It also means it dries much faster than a lot of other AIO's I've tried.  I ordered two more in cute prints, the first prints I have, and they are adorable!  It's too bad it's getting to be winter or I'd be putting it on him with nothing else :)  The diaper is made from bamboo fibers, and is really absorbant, it's held up to nap time with no leaks and keeps his skin dry as well.  I also like that where you stuff the insert back in you can add more absorbancy if you needed to.  It also holds in all the other messes, and is easy to rinse off with my sprayer.  Plus you don't have to unstuff anything which is a huge bonus, I do hate grabbing icky wet/dirty inserts out of a diaper! 

I've found it for $24.95 which seems to be standard.  There is a smaller version as well, the tiny fit, which I would think would be great for a newborn.  According to the bummis website the easy fit holds 520ml or 17.6 oz, which is awesome.  I haven't tried this for overnight, as I have a very heavy wetter overnight, but think you could add an extra insert or doubler and it would work.  I have to admit they have a lot more cute girly prints than boy prints, but that seems to be the case with most diapers (and everything else), the colours are nice and bright though, and most are gender neutral. 

All in all I love the easy fit AIO, and would get more if I had another baby to diaper.