Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was pretty good this year. Jackson is at an age to love it. And I was healthy and able to take him out, plus it was on Saturday so we did a bunch of stuff. Friday he got dressed up as a pirate and went to school. He looked pretty good I think. He had fun, they got a few treats, he handed out pencils to everyone. Saturday we went to a local mall, they do trick or treating at the stores, and he got a lot of candy. Most of it chocolate. One thing about my boy, he doesn't like chocolate, except Smarties, So I got a lot of treats! Then he dressed up as a ninja to go out, it was good weather so his black hoodie under the costume added to it, and he looked pretty cute. He got a lot of candy, but his favourite treats were the chips. Which he has eaten almost all of! Crazy. We left out a bucket of treats for kids to help themselves, and most of it was gone when we got home. But there was more in the house, and we only got a handful of kids afterwards. So we have a lot of that left too! So much sugar... so much sugar.

Lots of loot

Pirate for school

Ninja trick or treater

We also got his school pictures, he is so cute! Maybe I am a bit biased though. He is doing really well in school, he is reading stories to me at bedtime, very cute. He is learning so much. It is so amazing to see. I can't wait for him to really get it, and to enjoy reading as much as I do. 

We are both sick now though. Stuffy nose and a bit of a cough. First one of the school year, so that's not too bad I guess! I just hope we get some sleep and feel better sooner than later. The time change hasn't helped of course. 

My big Grade 1 boy!