Friday, October 28, 2016

Nothing much to say

Since my appointment a month ago I have been taking my synthroid, which doesn't seem to be doing anything, and charting. My body decided it wasn't going to ovulate last month which also meant I haven't had a day 3 yet. So I'm still waiting! I will go get my TSH rechecked today as it has been a month on the medication, and I only have 10 pills left so need it checked to see if the dose needs to change (hoping they up it!).  Otherwise I have just been waiting. I do find it somewhat ironic that I finally decide to move forward and my body decides to skip a month. Is it a sign of things to come?

I think my day 3 should be around Nov 7th now, give or take. Which means I'm out for November since there is no way to get the blood work back in time for that month. And since December is kind of "shut down" month I guess I am out then too! I now have to continue waiting. But it does give me a chance to save some money back up.

I had some saved for this but then my cat got sick. And rushed to the vet for xrays, blood work, and then 2 types of medicine plus a laxative and special food. This my youngest kitten, the one my son loves the most. I think if it had been ones of the others I might have waiting longer to see what would happen. In any case, it was crazy expensive and now I'm stuck saving again! But, my union finalized our contracts so we have 150 days to get the raise and back pay, plus we should get the silly $700 signing bonus by the end of the year, hopefully in time for Christmas shopping. And the extra pay out we'll know the numbers and details by end of January, with decision needing to be made on that by the end of April (I think?). I already know what I'll be doing with my payout. We have the choice of taking it now or waiting until we retire/leave the job. I'll be taking it and putting it directly into my retirement savings, avoiding having it taxed, and then able to use it for the down payment on a house.

Of course Canada has come up with some new rules for buying a house and I think it limits my mortgage amount, though I also think it's probably still in line with what I was hoping to spend any way so it shouldn't be too bad. I am still torn over the "new vs old" and "change school?" questions, but have some time any way. End of July I guess is when I will be able to move forward. We'll see at that point what is on the market, where it is, and how my journey to baby 2 is progressing, or if it's a lost cause, or what.

Jackson is still doing well in grade 2. He's a smart kid. They split his split 2/3 class into a grade 2 and a grade 3 class, so that is good. He has been forgetting a lot of stuff at school though, and has already managed to lose a coat, one mitten and a few lunch items. The coat bothers me, since it was only worn maybe 4 times. The weather today has turned cold and we had some snow, so hopefully he will keep his coat on when he's outside from now on.

His swimming is going well too. He was jumping into the deep diving pool last week, and enjoying it. I hope he continues to do well, I want him to be able to swim the length of the pool, then he can choose to stop lessons, or go into diving or whatever he wants to do. I am not sure if I will put him in January lessons though, the weather is so cold and I find it hard to get him dry enough to avoid ear infections and other illnesses. We'll see how he's doing and his interest level though.