Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The talker

When Jackson was about a year I was worried because he didn't talk very much.  I was showing him signs and he wouldn't do them. He always seemed to know what I was saying, just not want to talk himself.  Then he started.  And now he doesn't stop!  Honestly from when he wakes up until he falls asleep he is constantly talking, and eating.  It exhausts my parents when we visit, and me sometimes. But it's also pretty neat.

The latest thing is at bedtime he wants to chat, we talk about all kinds of things, once it was imagining our perfect house, tonight it was talking about our holidays that are coming up.  He always has one more thing to say.  If I leave before he's done I'll hear "mommy I have to tell you something!" over the monitor, and of course then have to listen to whatever he has to say. Sometimes he works out things that have happened, or things we watched.  When we watched Finding Nemo he kept asking why Nemo touched the boat, it was the part that he couldn't understand.

He is a pretty sensitive kid, he likes to try and make the other kids feel better if they are upset at daycare.  But on the other hand he also has quite the temper, and really doesn't like it when you call him on it.  He got mad at the dog and hit him on the head with a plastic hammer.  He got in trouble for it and I left him downstairs crying while I went up to find the dog and make sure he was ok.  A few nights later Jackson woke up crying because Riley was talking to him.  He said Riley told him "Jackson you hurt me!"  Ah so the guilt appeared.  It takes him awhile but he gets there.

And the eating.  My boy likes his food.  He starts eating as soon as I pick him up from daycare and doesn't stop until he falls asleep.  He takes a snack, or two, up to bed with him.  I only wish it wasn't so much carbs, crackers, cookies, granola bars, cereal.  He does love his beef jerky though, and I will be making more this weekend, it's hard to keep up!  I worry what he will be like when he hits his teens, will I be able to keep enough food around for him?  Who knows.  But I hope he keeps up with the few good habits mixed in there, he loves broccoli, fruits, carrots.  And protein. I am glad I have another year before he'll start school, so I can figure out what type of lunches to make for him, and how to pack them.

I am also working on his fine motor skills, he prefers to not have to do some things, anything really that takes control.  But he loves his Leappad, so he is using that for games and other things, using play doh, and anything else we can think of.  He doesn't really like to do art very much, no colouring or anything, but I do try to encourage it a bit.

All in all, I have to say I love that kid.  He is pretty great, and I enjoy the conversations we have. He likes to talk, and I like to listen to him. So that works out for us.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Heat

It's gotten hot.  And I am not complaining about it really, but it's affecting Jackson a bit.  He was exhausted today and yesterday, I'm a little concerned he's coming down with something. Bad time of year to be sick.  I am very glad we have the central air this summer, I am not sure how we managed without it for so many summers.  It's funny that in the winter we long for summer but then the heat comes and we complain.  So I am not complaining, I am trying to enjoy it.  Of course sitting outside in a puddle of sweat is not really that much fun. So we try and do the outside stuff in early morning and after dinner.  Of course I'd rather just stay in, in general I'd rather stay in.  I am not so much of a social person I guess.  I don't mind that but I know it's harder for Jackson, so I do what I have to for him.

Last weekend we got together with a little friend of his from daycare, he's going off to school and his mom is determined to maintain connections for him, so there will be play dates in the future.  It was fun, but 4 hours at the park/splash pad was a little much for me.

We have new neighbours to move in soon, and the other side both houses are for sale, so I am hoping, really hoping, for a kid or two his age.  I do want him to have friends, and having playmates is important. As well as a small break for mommy.  I know that I need some small breaks, but still feel guilty.

Tonight he's gone to sleep early, he was asleep by 7:30 which is very unusual.  Yesterday he actually had a  nap!  He hasn't had a nap for me in months.  So he is either not feeling well or it's the heat.  I am hoping he stays asleep all night, and there are no early morning wake ups.