Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Time Flies

Jackson and I have been doing well. I've managed to lose about 20 pounds since mid-January, turned 39, had a minor freak out over the fact I'll be turning 40 in a year. Hated how long winter lasted, and how cold spring has been so far! Started working out, at like 5 am! Which is actually fun and I look forward to. May is going to be a busy month for us, Jackson starts T-ball Tuesday, which will be very odd for us, we normally get home and that's it. Now we'll be rushing through dinner and then off to T-ball. He starts swimming lessons at the end of the month. I had to put him in private lessons as I forgot the day sign up opened so only private lessons were left, which will probably be better in the end run any way!  It's only 4 lessons but I hope it will be a good start for him, and I don't have to get into the pool :-)

I have booked us on a Disney Cruise! We will be going in February next year, and I will be turning 40 on a beach. I also plan to take us to Florida a couple days early and stay at Walt Disney World. We will probably go to Animal Kingdom for a day, it seems like a good start. I am thoroughly excited about the cruise. I went on one with my parents when I was 16, but this will be the first travel on my own. It is very exciting, and I hope it will be a new tradition for us. Though I may choose a different cruise line another time, especially given how much more Disney is, but I thought for the first one at least we'd choose something extra kid friendly.

Which may have some of you guessing I probably won't be attempting to go for 2 just yet. I want to, but I keep thinking it might not be a good idea. So I waiver on it, constantly. I am choosing to focus now on my health and weight. Perhaps as I go through that journey I will come to a final decision and move forward with it.

Jackson is still in school. I believe he's doing well but don't get a lot of feedback. I know he is making a lot of friends as he is getting invited to a lot of birthday parties. I have gotten a couple phone calls, he apparently has a bit of a temper, but he is also quite sensitive. He takes it very hard when he gets in trouble. And wow can he make up good excuses and stories. He has quite an imagination, which is awesome.

Spring is here, but was a slow start, and it's still so cold! Tomorrow is may and it was single digits today. Crazy. I hope summer arrives some day. We have gone to the park a couple times, and out for walks. I am waiting for it to be a little less muddy before we head to the nature trails. We have a new big sandbox which is a big hit. I wish we could get a play structure but we rent and I don't want to put something that costs so much. So we'll stick with the sandbox, and the scooter and bike for getting out. Of course the park too. Since I am already in better shape than last summer, walking to the park is not as hard as it once was. And Jackson is old enough to play on everything on his own now.

Summer will be pretty quiet, since I need to save some vacation days for the cruise, and money for that as well, we'll be taking a couple short weeks. Hopefully we'll go down to visit my parents. Though I do also plan on keeping a couple days for myself and sending Jackson to daycare. Mama does need a break on occasion.