Friday, February 20, 2015

Stuff, our trip, and my poor Joshua

I am sitting here, at home alone, while Jackson is at Kids Night Out. It's a thing at the play gym he likes, Friday night from 6 to 9pm for $15. I was supposed to be going out to dinner with friends but they both cancelled on me so here I am watching a movie and feeling a bit sorry for myself. I guess this means I need some more friends, Perhaps to start dating. It's a limited time window though, 3 hours on Friday night. Or find a better babysitter? But that would cost more. I'll figure something out I guess. It is weird to be here without him home. I mean by now he'd be in bed and I'd be watching a movie any way.

We went on our big trip and it was amazing. Two nights at Art of Animation, a day at Animal Kingdom, then a 7-day cruise of the eastern Caribbean. The whole thing was so lovely, a little stressful, and perfect weather.

The hotel was pretty nice, the room was good. It was a long walk to our room, but it was quieter and near the quiet pool which we did use. We also walked up to the main pool to swim, but it was so cold out that night it was not as much fun! For me any way. The food was ok, breakfast wasn't the best but the pizza was good. At least Jackson thought so. We went to Downtown Disney the first evening after arrival and a swim. We wandered around, looked at some toys, and he chose to buy a lego set. One he could probably get here. But he likes it so it's ok.

We went to Animal Kingdom for the day on Saturday and it was awesome. It was cold when we got there, we did the safari right away, no wait, then went to breakfast at Tuskers and got breakfast with the characters. The food was good, but it was expensive for what we really got. After that we wandered, saw some trails, took the train out to Rafiki station and back, then he discovered the Boneyard. And that was pretty much that. He spent a lot of time there, expensive tickets for him to play at a playground! We did go to Expedition Everest, it was terrifying to me. I'm scared of heights. Jackson wasn't too happy either, but we did it and I don't regret it. We did the safari again at the end of the day and it was cool to see the animals both morning and late afternoon. We ate a lot of ice cream at the park as well. We had dinner back at the resort, and then went for that late cold swim.

Next morning we waited for the shuttle to take us to the cruise, it was an interesting experience getting to the ship but we made it. It was very exciting to get there, and the whole ship was pretty nice. I do wish I had chosen a different boat, but it was nice enough. Our cabin was great, inside, and the bed was done up as a king instead of two twins, so we shared a bed the whole week.  We were assigned late dining which sucked. But the first night's dinner was tasty. No dessert because Jackson was falling asleep at the table.

Our first port was Nassau. It was really nice. We did a day pass at a nearby hotel and it was great, the beach was gorgeous and quiet, Jackson had a lot of fun and I was able to let him run around without worry. We ate there as well, it was kind of included in the price, and we were able to walk to and from the ship.

The next day was at sea. It wasn't the best day. We did a Dr Seuss parade and story telling, Jackson finally agreed to some time in the kids club, so I got to read on the deck. We went for breakfast at the sea day brunch, and got made to wait while others got in, so I complained after breakfast and that evening we got told we could do the any time dining. Which meant that was the last late night of dinner!  Phew. 

We then did 3 ports back to back, San Juan, St Thomas and Grand Turk. Of the 3 I loved St Thomas most. San Juan was nice but there were a lot of ships in port, and it was a lot of walking. We had fun exploring the fort but it was hot and I got sweaty! We got a few souvenirs, and I think Jackson enjoyed it. We ordered room service for the first time that day for lunch, which was so nice! 

St Thomas was my favourite beach. It was gorgeous, clear and so warm. The drive was a bit crazy. But over all that was the best stop. I don't think we actually bought anything there, but we did have a lot of fun. We spent the whole time in the water, just swimming, Jackson loved it and it was nice for me too. 

Final stop was Grand Turk. It was ok. It was free at least, nothing to pay for in port. We swam but it was rocky so not as much fun for me. I was glad we had water shoes. Jackson went to the kids club that evening, and he ate dinner there! So I ate a table with some other nice people, it was kind of nice. 

The last day was again at sea. It was very rough. We were both sea sick. But we managed to get out of the room by around 2, after some extra sleep, medicine and some more room service. We did a family scavenger hunt, which only one other family participated in, so we won a trophy! It was fun and Jackson really enjoyed it and loves his trophy. Dinner was good, We both felt better by then and he was able to go to the last night at the kids club, to say good bye up there. 

Next day we flew home! The trip home was good, the shuttle went much better. There were no problems with anything and the flight was good. But man oh man, the cold. That really rather sucked. My sister picked us up at the airport, and had a chicken pot pie for us for dinner. Then we got home and she gave me the news. My poor poor sweet Joshua died while we were gone. He was not even 3 and I loved that cat! He was such a sweetie and really my favourite. It has been two weeks and I still miss him so much.  So yes, I will be getting another cat. Hopefully in a few months, I would love it to be sooner but I want to wait for the right cat.

Joshua when he was just about a year