Friday, May 31, 2013

Messed up Cycles

Life is going pretty well for us.  The house is nice, and we are enjoying it.  The weather has really warmed up finally.  We finally have central air though and it is sure lovely.  We are still having some timing issues, with Jackson not wanting to sleep at bedtime, and daycare letting him nap too long.  It gets better, then worse again. Weekends are better, with no naps.  He loves his balance bike, and is so good at it now.  He should be on a regular bike by the end of the summer, my parents are getting him one soon. I am also going to get myself a better bike and a tow bar, so I'll be able to hook his up to mine and we can go off on longer rides. I hope. 

For me, I am struggling with my weight, as always, and in connection, my health.  Heartburn is back, and though my gallbladder has not flared up lately, knock wood, I don't feel entirely healthy. Slowly we are eating better, and with the kiddo's bike rides, I am getting some quick paced walks in.  I need to do more of course, since I want to heal myself.  I am also concerned, my monthly cycle is getting shorter, which I'm sure is not a good thing.  The past few months it has been 24 to 25 days, instead of the 28 it should be. I'll do some reading on that soon, thought I'm somewhat worried what the result means.

I've started doing some yoga, and hope to do some cardio and other things, short workouts. I do them after dinner, Jackson goes to play in the basement and I workout in the living room.  So far just a couple yoga workouts, it feels good to stretch. Jackson certainly doesn't like me taking the time from him, but he gets over it, and when I'm done he is happy to play again.

Why does it matter? I don't think I'm going to have a second child. Somedays I would love to, and other days, it seems stupid to consider it.  I have my hands full with one!  If I was going to do that I should have done it sooner. Now it seems too late, like I've missed the chance. Never mind the work, I'm not sure I can handle being pregnant again, giving birth, what to do about daycare, all of it.  Though I miss having a baby, miss that early stage that seems to fly by.  And I know it only lasts a little while, still is so amazing and fun though. 

Course there is also the lack of sleep thing, and with another child running around, who does not nap, well I can't see that being any fun at all.  In any case.  It seems to be irrelevant, I won't get the chance any way. I guess I just hate that I have no real choice.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a day!

The weather is finally lovely and so we have been busy outside.  This morning we went and picked up 20 bags of soil for the backyard garden.  Then we had to get all of that into the backyard.  We went back out to pick up a few perennials, brought those home (along with some donuts) and went back out to take the dog to the dog park to run around.  My exercise for today, carrying 20 bags of 9kg of soil to the backyard, one at a time.  And walking around the dog park, chasing a dog and 3-year-old.  Phew!

When we came home from the dog park we had a late lunch and then Jackson went out to play with the neighbour kids in the front.  He had a lot of fun and is getting really good at his balance bike.  He was pretty upset when it was time to come back in but he did.  He was very tired, had a little rest on the couch while I made dinner, didn't eat his dinner, then wanted ice cream.

Speaking of ice cream, the ice cream truck came around while the kids were all out front.  First time for Jackson and he loved it.  I guess I'd better make sure to have a few bucks around the house from now on!  He ate about half of the ice cream, mama got to finish it ;-)

After dinner we went back out to the front but there were no kids, so we came back in and he had a snack before we were supposed to go up to have a bath and bed.  He saw the neighbours in their backyard, got upset, so I told him he could come back out to play after he was clean.  He finally agreed.  We went up, did the bath and put him back in clothes.  Then back out to the backyard.  At 8 I told him it was time to go in, he started screaming and throwing a fit.  The neighbours took him over the fence, and fed him a hamburger.  I went over after I fixed the screen door (unrelated to the fit throwing, it simply fell off).  He played tag until 9.  Not that he knows how to play of course, but he had a lot of fun and did a lot of running.  Fingers crossed he sleeps in tomorrow!  But it's not that likely. 

I am really going to miss these neighbours, they are very good to us, especially Jackson who likes them.  I really hope whoever moves in is as good and fun.  Jackson will make friends no matter what, he has no difficulty talking to new people and playing with them, he watches and then joins in.  Me, I have a hard time talking to new people but for his sake I do it.  Amazing what children push you to do that you never thought you could. 

Tomorrow will be another busy day.  We'll be putting the soil in the garden, possibly planting some seeds.  I'd like to do another dog walk and then of course there will be more playing outside. I also have a few loads of laundry to do, and meals to plan, prep and cook for.  It will be busy, and long, and hopefully the end is better than tonight (ie he goes to be before 9!).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The neighbours

We are settled in the new house, and it's starting to really look good, and be good to be here.  I have a raised garden bed in the back, that I still need to fill with soil, and got a sandbox, BBQ and everything put together.  Jackson likes playing out front best though.  The weather has finally gotten nice and Jackson likes to be out there where the neighbours are playing.  The funny part is they are all moving away. We'll have new neighbours and I hope that they have kids his age, the 3 closest houses to us will be all new people by summer, if they sell and rent that is. 

It is funny to watch Jackson play out there, the kids will bring their things over to the driveway and drop them, so he grabs them to play with. The kids try to reclaim them and he'll say they were done so it's his turn.  These are the daycare rules of play.  He doesn't understand that somethings belong to people and they don't want to share them.  We try to discuss it but he is pretty stubborn.  The one neighbour gave us a scooter and a blue push car that Jackson loves to play with.  Very nice, I will miss them. 

Of course now that the weather has improved, I've caught a cold. My usual spring cold I guess.  No it's not allergies.  I hope it gets better soon. I should have gone to bed early, sleep more. But I just really can't. I don't know why but I can't. I am worried about a lot of stuff I guess.  I am trying to fight it off, and trying to cook this week, take my lunch, eat better. All that good stuff. I have to plan my meals, and stick to the plan. I am getting the organic produce delivered biweekly which is great, Jackson loves it and so do I. 

I finally got moved at work to a window seat again. I missed it all winter, I'm sure it was part of why I was depressed.  Less sunlight. I also sit much closer to my coworkers, and have moved far from the yackers. It is a much nicer desk, glad to have it. And the work is making sense, I can do it, and fairly well too.