Thursday, November 20, 2014

Loose Tooth!!

My baby has a loose tooth. It's the first one he got at 16 weeks. I remember when he got it. Now it's getting ready to fall out. My little boy is growing up! He is quite freaked out about it. I know he sort of understands, and we talked about how everyone loses their baby teeth and get new grown up teeth. I wasn't expecting it so early, I thought maybe when he's 6. He turns 5 in a few weeks but this seems early! I am reading that it's not, and that when kids get their teeth early, they lose them early too. He has also been complaining about something sore in the back, which can apparently be the 6 year molars. Though it was also when he had his virus, so could have been that. Having read up on it I am a little more calm, I was calm in front of him but a little concerned too! I thought the top ones fall out first but I was wrong, so that's a good thing since it's the one on the bottom that wiggles. He complained it hurt, I had to ask him multiple times if someone hit him or he fell or something, he says no, though he did tell me some story about his friend punching him in the face. Which I'm pretty sure was just a story since it happened "a while ago or maybe yesterday". Either way, I have to get tooth fairy ready! Oh my.

Otherwise he is feeling much better after the virus, and eating like normal, though I guess he'll be wanting softer foods for a bit now. We have his birthday party planned, my sister will make the dinosaur cake again. And we've sent the invitations home already. Early I know but I wanted people to have time to plan since it's so close to Christmas. I just hope that people will RSVP even if they are not coming, so we can perhaps invite someone else. The party is at a gym tale, and is for 8 children including the birthday boy, so we sent 7 invites, I had to talk him into all boys. I find it strange that boys will invite girls to their parties but girls never invite the boys! So I put my foot down, and told him to pick boys. Mean? Perhaps. And my boy does have a lot of girlfriends. Occasionally he says one is his girlfriend and he is going to marry her. Then they get in a fight and he decides that marrying me is a better idea. I'm sure he'll grow out of that though! I have tried to explain but he gets upset so I leave it for now :-)

Tomorrow is my last day at my current job, I am returning to my old team, but a new workflow. So I will be doing reports and stats, it should be more my speed. I hope. We'll see how long it lasts I guess. At least I have the opportunity to try new positions to find what works for me, what I am happy doing. I have not been happy, been stressed. I am working on those things. I am trying to cut out coffee (that's hard!) and so far am down to half a cup a day instead of two cups. I am sure I'll be at none by the weekend, then to cut the tea every so often. I am also going to bed earlier. Aiming for before 9 because 10 wasn't working for me. I still wake up tired, and wish I could sleep for days, but I hope it gets better soon. Sugar is the other thing to go, I'm working on that but it's hard! Sugar is in everything, and it's so yummy :-)  I will get there, hopefully sooner than later. Perhaps the holidays are not the best time to start?

And speaking of holidays, we are working on a list for Santa. Jackson would like a BIG train set. He currently has a figure 8 wooden set, which is great but doesn't offer many extras. So I plan to get him some add ons for it. I have debated a table and may still get him one. It would be nice for him to play at, but it's expensive and I didn't want to spend that much this year. He also wants a garbage truck and log truck, the ones he picked are about $60 each, so that isn't happening. My parents will find something along those lines for him, and of course there will be stocking stuffers, a board game of some sort and a paid of PJ's to open Christmas Eve. For myself, I want something so I can watch Netflix if I choose to get it. Something to be able to connect wirelessly to the internet and stream. We'll see about that I guess!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Poor sick kiddo

Life has been interesting lately. Things are going ok for the most part. I have been very unhappy in my job but that is at a point where it's changing. I was supposed to talk to my boss about it today but instead was at home taking kiddo to the doctor. He had a fever Tuesday night and yesterday we were home, he complained still this morning though his fever was gone. I tried to get him to go to school but he said he was too sick. Now we will be home tomorrow as well. He apparently has hand foot and mouth disease. Though he only has sores in his mouth. Which makes it very hard for him to eat or drink anything. He has had quite a bit of yogurt today, is obviously hungry but everything he tries makes him cry. Except yogurt. I even made him a milkshake but he said that hurt too. I'm at a loss, and sad for him. He missed his last swimming lesson tonight.  I will be missing 3 days of work and only have two days of family leave left to use. So I don't know how that will work, never heard back from my boss today. But what bothers me most is my poor kid who is so sick, and sore. I have been giving him tylenol and advil to help with the pain, but it's hard for him to even get those down. So what do I do! Poor kid.

He had a good Halloween, lots of candy, and lots of fun handing stuff out too. He was a dinosaur at school and for trick or treating. My niece took him around to get candy. He really enjoyed it, and was at a great age to do it, everything was enjoyable and fun. He really is at a good age for a lot of things. I can't wait for his birthday party. We have it booked at A Gym Tale again, he will have to choose 7 friends to invite. It is a fun party, and super easy for  me. Just have the kids show up, bring a cake. Easy. No clean up, and they even provide food.

The toy catalogs are coming out, and of course he wants everything in them. It's pretty funny really, of course he's not getting them all. I am going to have to get him to narrow it down to only two or three things that he wants. He really has too many toys as it is. And with our big Disney trip in the planning (and being paid for) stage, I don't want to spend too much on the holidays.

My plans for a Disney cruise have changed to a just Disney vacation. We'll be there for 9 night, at Animal Kingdom Lodge in a standard room. I have 6 days at the parks planned, with some fancy character meals in there, and two days off to do other things and relax. I have booked one meal for my birthday that I know he won't be happy about, but hopefully he'll get over it.

And when we get back I am thinking of getting a referral to the fertility clinic, just to see what my odds are. Since I'll have turned 40 I'm sure they won't be that great, but who knows. I am taking a few things that are supposed to help, and working on the weight/health thing. Not going well, that weight loss bit. I am hopeful that I will be able to do it though. If I could just focus and keep on track.

And now I'm going to go to bed, since I have kiddo all day tomorrow as well, I could stay up a bit later. But I'm tired, and it's going to be a long long weekend. Without a lot of the stuff I wanted to do. Fingers crossed he's able to eat something.