Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

I think I like it better when Christmas Eve is during the week, so we don't have the whole day to figure out what to do. He came to work with me yesterday, so that took up lots of time. Then today we didn't do a whole lot. There was some Christmas movie and TV watching, We had a nice dinner, one of Jackson's favourites, steak and noodles. He has some simple tastes. We left out some cookies and water, because we always leave water instead of milk. Then we sprinkled some reindeer food outside on the front snow piles. We watched Santa on NORAD for awhile, then I convinced him to go up to bed. That is where things kind of fell apart.

After reading a story, brushing teeth and settling down, he decided that what he had asked Santa for was not what he really wanted, and he started to cry. Now being mommy has an in with the big guy, I kind of felt what he said he was asking for wasn't really what he'd want. So while he is getting what he asked for, he also got a cool hockey table set that he will hopefully like. I did promise, so he'd go to sleep, that after his trip, we'd look at getting him what he really wanted. I guess we'll see how that goes!

We are going to my sister's for dinner, and I made the wild rice casserole today to take with us. It seems to taste pretty good, Jackson was pleased. So at least we'll have that, depending on what else she does for dinner. It's always a bit of an adventure! My parents have not come to visit, they did drop off their gift for Jackson at Thanksgiving, and I bought my own from them. I have a couple things to open, but not much! The day is mostly about Jackson. For my sister's families, I got my nieces gifts, but no one else. I made a deal with my sister. It always feels silly, getting gifts for her and her husband that I have no idea if they will even really like or use. And I'd rather just get gift cards, practical stuff.

I do find this time of year strange. I love the excitement Jackson has for the whole thing, but also feel like it's too much. So much stuff. I don't like the lunches out with the team, or getting gifts for people at work. I mean I like a lot of people I work with (not all of them of course!) but I don't consider most of them really friends. It's weird to me, I guess I am just not that type of person. It also always makes me a little sad that I don't have a bigger family. I love that we go to my sister's for dinner, but I wish my own home had more people in it. I don't really think I want a spouse, at all. But a couple more kids? Perhaps that would be fun. I hate that we watch shows about families, and the kids all fight and then they start getting along, It's always so sweet. Ah well.

We got news at work about our back pay, apparently we will be getting it starting January 11th, which is awesome. Because I took some unpaid leave I may not get mine then. I hope I do. That extra money would be awesome on the trip but even without it, we will have a great cruise. Everything is sorted and paid for, well the big items are any way. A couple more things I will pay for this coming week, and then it will just be the excursions, which I can decide on once we're on the ship, based on how much money we have and what we feel like doing. We are doing  a swim with sting rays thing in Grand Cayman, that is a little scary, but should be fun. Costa Maya will be a beach day. and Cozumel is the one up for debate, inexpensive beach day, or fancier beach day

Time for bed I guess, Santa won't come unless I'm asleep right? :-) Plus kiddo will be up extra early I'm sure.

Monday, December 12, 2016

A 7-year-old

My baby is 7! It's crazy and he's not a little boy any more. Well he is but he's not. He had a great birthday party at the local pool, him and 7 of his little friends. The pool part was great. There were two lifeguards in the pool with the kids, and they had a lot of fun playing games, jumping off the diving board, using the obstacle course. Then it was an hour in the party room. Which made me very thankful that one of the dads had stayed. Eight boys was a little much for me. They ate snacks and took turns getting dressed. One of the boys pulled the emergency alarm in the bathroom. So that was fun. We ate cake, though getting the boys to sing was difficult. And then Jackson opened his gifts, and boom the party was over. I was relieved, it was done! Phew! Fun times but stressful for me.

Winter has arrived in full force. I am at home today because I just can't face the drive in. I hate winter, snow, all of it! When I retired I am moving south. No one seems to believe me but I am looking at options that are good for ex-pats. So far Belize is the top of the list, party because they speak English, and are a former commonwealth country. Also on the list are Costa Rica, Panama and Equador.

Given the terrible weather lately, well it's not really terrible, it's just regular winter. But in any case it has pushed me to book a cruise. For January 15th. Like a month away! I can't wait. Jackson is excited but scared to fly. We'll be doing a 6-night cruise, and one night pre-cruise since we like to fly in early. Hate to miss the boat! The cruise has 3 ports, which are all new to us, and two sea days. Jackson is looking forward to trying the rock climbing again, and going ice skating. Since you know, we don't do that here! Silly kid. I booked a guaranteed cabin so we won't get it assigned for awhile. We got early dining. And I've already booked one excursion. One port we'll take a cab to the beach, and the other one I'm debating which all inclusive to book at, Can't wait! I really don't like winter, snow, cold... ugh!!

My doctor has increased my thyroid medicine by a bit, to bring my numbers down a little more in case I do want to go ahead with trying again. I haven't gone for the blood work yet. My cycle has been incredibly messed up. And I am very unsure of what to do. I think perhaps I am done at one. As much as I would like another baby, I do not look forward to the work, the lost sleep, the extra expenses. Money is a big part of it. I am almost done with all daycare. The savings would be great, and perhaps worth an extra trip every year.

Work has been going well. I am working on a big project with a lot of responsibility. I am enjoying it, though it feels like a big much at times, and I wonder about people. I have some time off at Christmas, and I am looking forward to that. I would like some time to myself to figure things out, decide what I want. In order to advance at work I need to learn French, I've been taking part time classes at work. I do feel that in order to really learn I will need full time training, which can take a year. The problem when doing the training is that you can't take vacation, it's quite far a commute, and it's very intensive. I am not sure I'm quite ready to do it. I will continue what I'm doing and hope to do it later I guess.

Christmas is coming. I am mostly done shopping, just need to get stocking stuffers. And something for my parents which has to be mailed soon. I should be able to go Wednesday or next weekend at the latest. Our tree is up. The Elf has so far remembered to move on a daily basis, though I am not as exciting as many families in being creative on what to do with it. Ours changes shelves and location. That's it. But we are boring like that any way!