Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter wear

Things are going pretty well in our little world.  Jackson and I have a good routine going, and he's growing so fast!  He loves to sing now and serenades me with ABC's, Baa baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and a few others, it's very cute.  He is getting to be very vocal, and totally Canadian... he often adds eh to the end of sentences, and has quite the little personality.  We have a lot of fun together, and he is enjoyable.  He loves to play outside at daycare, and so he has started to wear out his winter wear... First it was the snow pants.  He wore the knees right out of them.  I was lucky and found another pair, on sale. Phew. But now it's mittens.  And there don't seem to be any left at the stores we shop in.  So I don't know what I'm supposed to do.  Sigh.  He has wonderful snowstoppers, they have long sleeves that go up under his coat, but apparently they prefer to use the regular mittens, which I had honestly only intended to be used in the not quite so cold and wet weather!  Big sigh.  I have a second pair of them here that we were going to use on walks and things, which of course we haven't really done this winter (mama does not like winter/cold) so I guess they are going to have to do... unless we find some tomorrow, I guess we'll have to stop at another store. 

I ordered a lovely bike trailer/jogging stroller yesterday that I can't wait to get.  I am going to do the couch to 5k again this spring, though in a shorter time frame as I think I am almost able to run a 5k.  I am looking forward to taking Jackson biking this summer, perhaps down to the river to have a picnic or something like that.  Course I haven't been on a bike in many years, but you never forget how to do it, do you?  I hope not lol.  The contraption holds up 77 lbs I believe, so he's got a ways to go, at just over 31 lbs now.  He is still growing of course, and my little giant still. 

It is kind of funny that I see commercials for little kids and toddlers and I feel like I've missed that, he just doesn't look like other toddlers to me and I'm not sure why that is.  He is still a little kid, I mean he still sleeps in a crib (he hasn't tried to get out and I have no intention of changing him til I have to!), he still has bottles at bed time... yeah yeah,  he likes them and they make things easier, so we do what works.  He still naps, love the 2 to 3 hour weekend naps :-)  and he still gets a big kick of such silly little things.  He loves to do things that make me smile and get excited, the first time he sang his ABC's all the way through with no help, he was so proud of himself.  He loves to make mommy proud.  And (knock wood) hasn't had too many toddler tantrums.  When he does, it's usually because he's tired or hungry, so correcting that, and his behaviour corrects too.  Perhaps this is my reward for his colic, and lack of sleeping through the night?  lol, I can wish right?

I was at a bridal shower on the weekend, two pregnant ladies and one 5 month old little boy... hormones were kicked into high gear lol. But I have my plan and that helps me to stick to it.  I am planning to go to my doctor this summer to see if I can get some baseline testing done, to start trying in November or so.  Part of it depends on what happens at work.  Our contract is renegotiated this fall, and there is a change coming that may bring me about $10k to put towards a house.  And I am hoping to be in a process for a promotion by April/May.  Both of those will mean I can buy a house in the new year, before a second baby would arrive.  And that is right on plan.  Add in the fact my credit is better than it was, and I will be going to the bank this summer as well, to talk about my savings and what I need to do to get a mortgage properly, and my RRSP, and possibly an RESP for Jackson.  All in all... things are pretty good so I am hoping to try later.  Though the longer I wait, the harder it is to consider having another baby.  I like our little life and is it right to bring another baby in to "mess it up"?  It will be extremely hard, and expensive, and is it fair?  but on the other hand, I don't want Jackson to be an only child if I can do anything about it.   So I will try, once I have the money, house and health stuff sorted out.

Health wise I have lost 20lbs this year so far, and am needing to lose another 24 to reach a "healthy" weight, and I'd like to lose another 20 on top of that, so 44 total.  Should be possible, before fall any way, hopefully sooner.  It is certainly liberating to be losing and able to buy smaller clothes and be comfortable in my own skin/body.  I still don't really see it in the mirrot though.  And of course Jackson doesn't even notice anything, even when I got abot 10 inches cut off my hair, he didn't notice at all... boys ;-)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Work, credit and decisions

Work has taken an interesting turn. I went for an interview Friday for a position that would let me stay in the same building. I think it went ok, but since I can't travel or do overtime I may not be considered. I am not entirely sure I want to change jobs. I do like what I do for the most part, and like my manager, but am feeling stifled, I'd like a new challenge, and I don't think my boss will do that for me. So I'm not sure what to do. I'm also concerned because the new building is a bit further than where I am now. It will mean less time with my kid, which I don't like the thought of at all.

I am also a bit excited.  I have crappy credit, like the worst you could possibly have.  But I got a letter Thursday from my visa company telling me I qualify for an increase. Since my limit was like the lowest you could have, I accepted, with the intention of only using it when I have the money to pay it off.  But it makes me think my credit is better, better enough to maybe qualify for things like a real car lease/loan or possibly even a mortgage.  Not that I have the down payment yet of course, but it gives me hope. And makes me more likely to stick to my budget and get where I want to be.

Also makes the prospect of having another child interesting. I suddenly have a little buffer, money I can use if I really need to, even if it costs me a lot of interest in the end.  I am still thinking of trying in the fall, early winter.  I turn 37 soon, so would be 38 when I have that baby, that is quite a bit older than I was when I had Jackson, which may be an issue.  But I am working on my lose weight plan, and it's going quite well.  I am getting healthier, and am going to start jogging again in the spring, hoping to get a bike too.  Healthier, active, maybe able to buy a new house... things are looking good.  And I'm feeling good.

Well I would be if I didn't have this cold from hell, it seems Jackson and I have been sick pretty much since Christmas, I cannot wait for winter to be over!