Friday, March 17, 2017

Little Finn

After an adventure of a drive, thankfully two days after the snow storm! we managed to pick up little Finn. He is very cute, so far so good. Jackson adores him. They played out in the back for awhile, Jackson even shoveled a spot for him to run around and be able to do his business.

Puppy is currently have a short nap, we'll get him up to play again before Jackson goes to bed. Puppy will be sleeping in my room this week at least, in his crate. Hopefully he will sleep through the night soon and be able to sleep with Jackson.

The cats are not impressed so far, hopefully that will improve quickly. The cats do have lots of space they can get to to get away, and they will sleep in my bed.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Time change

So today was fun. It sucks when the time changes, either way  it goes. Today kiddo got up at 7 on his clock, which was 8 on mine, but of course that doesn't really matter. I knew that bedtime would be a disaster, and of course it was. He was wired but I left him just after 8 and I think he fell asleep. Now I'm sitting here thinking I should be in bed but I'm not tired. Or I am. Not sure. Tomorrow morning will be the challenge of course. And it's March Break, so no school for kiddo, just daycare! But I still have to work, and I have a lot to do as work is having some issues and we are in the middle of it. I need to get it together and get to bed. At least kiddo's lunch is ready for tomorrow. Mine is not, and it should be. I have been buying my lunch way too often lately. Money I can't afford to spend. Ugh.

Friday we get out puppy, I can't wait! He is so cute and I hope it goes well. I am rather nervous about having a puppy in the house. I know some of Jackson's toys are going to get chewed. I trust the cats will get along ok. They will have escape routes and their nails are clipped so no one will get hurt. We have been watching shows about puppies and how to take care of them. I hope that Jackson doesn't get jealous at all, he should be ok, this puppy will be his buddy after all. I know I won't be getting a lot of sleep. At least puppies grow faster than children, puppy will hopefully sleep through the night before he's 3 after all :-)

It should feel like spring, the time changes in spring doesn't it? Yet it doesn't feel like spring. We have had some nice days and a lot of snow has melted but we still have lots out there, and it was very cold today. It is supposed to warm up this week, I hope it does since we will have potty train to contend with. No walks for a bit until puppy gets his next shots. At least that's what I think is supposed to happen. I put in my paperwork for my August weeks off. My manager is changing so I wanted to get it done before he's gone. I love being able to take the time off with kiddo, hopefully in coming years I will be able to take longer and not have to pay for daycare. Daycare currently I pay the same rate all year round, but can't take weeks off. Next fall it changes to be by the day, and if I don't want him to go for March Break or a few weeks in summer I won't pay for those. It will save money. Eventually I may just do before school care and have him get home on his own. We are not there yet, and no way I would trust him to get there on his own.

We've been looking at home plans, again. I still have no idea what I'm going to do. Hopefully I get my paperwork soon so I can get the last payment I'm owed and then I have 3 months to decide. I'd like to go new, but I also have this dream of a small, self-sufficient home on land somewhere. That is perhaps a retirement dream though, and something more practical will happen before then. I think Jackson will have to change schools, not sure if that will be at the start of the school year or mid-way. Daycare worries me more than the school situation. All the schools in the board he attends here are very good. Some are bigger than others, I'm not sure it matters though. He is a friendly kid and he will make friends. I did, we moved a lot when I was growing up.

Alright, time to attempt some sleep. I hope that I get enough. Tomorrow it will be hard to get kiddo up, of course.

Sunday, March 5, 2017


This weekend was busy. Jackson had two birthday parties to attend yesterday, he had lots of fun at both! Turns out he is pretty good at bowling, and he loved the bouncy castle party. It was for a girl but he was one of 3 boys there so he stuck with them I think. He got injured, scrapped down his back, he's just so bony! He is fine but he was upset about it. He was also upset both parties had chocolate cake, and he won't eat that. Ah well. He still got to run around for a few hours and I got a few hours to myself!

The second party was way on the other side of town, a good 30 minute drive. So I stayed out there and went to the nearby mall. I have not gone shopping for myself (other than online) in ages... I went to one of my favourite stores and tried stuff on. I ended up with a pair of ankle pants and two jackets as well as a nice top. It cost way more than I would like to spend. But I think it is all good work clothes. And I am trying to dress better at work. My standard uniform of a simple top and pants needs a bit of an update. For two reasons. One is that I have not really gotten anything new and nice for myself in ages because I basically hate the way I look. I always want to lose weight, be thinner, be able to wear the prettier clothes. So I have bought things that fit, even though I hate the size they are.

The other reason is because I am feeling somewhat ambitious. I know the biggest hurdle for me is language and I am working on that. But my boss's boss sees something in me, and is entrusting me with projects and tasks that are exciting, and meaningful. It is nice to have someone with some authority trust me and see my potential. I am smart, I can do these things, I try to see all sides of a problem and I hate getting stuck in "because we've always done it that way" mentality that is so prevalent where I work. It is kind of weird. I actually want to do well! And because he believes in me, and that I should move up to management, I believe I can too. He has handed me a project that I can really sink my teeth into, and hopefully ensure it runs smoothly. I think sometimes I surprise him with comments, he will look at me like he's surprised anyone else thought of that. I like that he listens to me, even though I'm not anyone very important in the hierarchy.

While I have accepted that I am this size, and look this way, I also feel somewhat inspired to move more. I hope that it will actually happen. I want to be moving but I worry that I am so out of shape. I know once spring finally arrives I will need to get outside, especially since we are getting a puppy who will require walks. The difference is I want to do it not to lose weight, but to feel more energetic and be in better shape. We have a trip to Disney planned and I know there will be many days of 20k plus steps. I want to be able to do everything we want to do there. That's the goal.