Thursday, March 24, 2016


For a few weeks the weather turned very nice. Snow melted, it rained, robins came around singing. It was lovely. We even went out for some walks, and I walked to pick him up from daycare. I've been trying to be more active, so for 5 days in a row I got my 60 minutes of walking. Mind you some of it is not so quick walking, but still it's better than nothing. I would like to do C25K, but not in the cold, and perhaps once I get some good running shoes.

Today, winter returned! Snow, freezing rain, cold. I can hear the wind blowing out there. Normally on Easter long weekend we go down to my parent's place on Thursday after work but today we didn't. Hopefully the weather will perk up tomorrow morning so we can get there, early enough to enjoy the day. We haven't been down since the summer so I am sure Jackson will be happy to get all the attention. I just hope the weather cooperates.

Our trip is mostly paid for, still have a bit of Disney to pay off but that should be done in 2 or 3 weeks. I am really looking forward to it. 59 days to go! I'm not sure if we are more excited to cruise again, or spend more time at Disney. I like the mix of the two I guess. Jackson is looking forward to the mac and cheese at Disney, and the beaches. April is going to suck for money though. We'll survive, and bills will all be paid, but it is going to be frustrating, no eating out, no toys. Someone in the house will be very sad, and there may be some arguing. We will get through it though. And have a wonderful trip, making wonderful memories, and hopefully relaxing.

Jackson goes to a Catholic school and every month they focus on one Catholic value. For March it was Justice, and Jackson won the award for Justice! So I took a couple hours off to attend the assembly and watch him get his award. He was so cute, he wanted to get dressed up so he wore a button up shirt over his t-shirt and put on a clip on tie. I took him home after the assembly so it was a longer evening for us. Now if only I could convince him to get a haircut.

On the work front, after 3 1/2 years without a new contract our union is finally back at the table... hopefully things are looking up and there could be some raises (and almost 4 years of back pay!) coming this summer. I had a discussion with my boss about moving up, and I know the main thing I need to do is learn French... sure no problem, that'll be easy I'm sure! I will probably sign up for language training through work in the fall. And go from there. I know I have at least 14 years until retirement, so I have plenty of time to work this all out, and learn the language.
My dressed up boy