Friday, August 19, 2016

Homes, houses, choices

The good news is my union finally agreed to a contract, so I can expect a fairly substantial chunk of back pay, and a payout deal which I can use as a down payment to buy a house. Bad news is once I get the money, it has to sit for 90 days to use the home buyers plan. So ultimately I will most likely be in a position to buy next spring/summer. Should I?

I ask this because I am sitting here listening to the guy in the backyard fixing the fence, which I think was likely a big expense. The deck here also needs fixing and there have been a couple appliance issues in the time I've been here. The garage door has also needed work. So. Owning seems to be a pricey thing, beyond just the normal buying expense. Do I even want to do that? I mean I do want to buy, I think. I know it's an investment in the future, in setting up my retirement, though I could just save the money to begin with I suppose.

Then if I am going to buy, what do I buy? and where? Do I stay near where we are, in the same school catchment? It is a good school, Jackson has a daycare space there until he graduates the school. There are a couple daycares around for younger kids as well. I know the commute to work, how long it takes, the best ways to go. The problem is the homes. Many, like the one I rent, are older. Perhaps in need of some work, some updates to make them how I would like. Perhaps needing new fences, or new roofs, There are a couple new home builders in this area but buying new here is so much more expensive than if I move to a different area. A new area means new school, finding new daycare, a new commute.

New homes are being built in other areas for a lot less. A new home means I can choose what I want, in terms of layout, finishes, but I'll need to add on air conditioning, possibly fences, maybe some appliances. And then we change schools. New areas are popular with  younger families, so the classes could be bigger in size than what we have here. I know daycare of little ones won't be an issue in a new area really. The new build areas are also being done quite nicely with lots of park spaces, walking and bike paths, even the new recreation centre we like to go swimming at.

I am also a little bit torn as there are things I want in a new home, but some depend on if we have a second child. And I won't know that for a few more months. I will have an en suite bathroom off the master, I would really like hardwood or at least laminate on the main level, and granite in the kitchen. I would also like a second family room type area to eventually use as a "boy cave" for Jackson when he's older. Right now he doesn't want to spend time away from me. Which I find weird as I remember having a play room and loving being in there on my own just playing with toys. I also want an open space so kids can be playing while I'm in the kitchen but I can see them. I want some nice windows for the cats too. Jackson wants a balcony, which is not really going to happen I don't think.

Why is this such a difficult decision? I guess because it's about the most expensive purchase I will ever make?

Friday, August 12, 2016

Vindication and Frustration

I got a message from my doctor (or actually his replacement as he is on paternity leave until the end of the year). Apparently all my blood work yesterday is ok, except my thyroid. I was very happy to see I am not diabetic (always a concern with my family history). I was not too surprised by the thyroid results, since I noticed my BBT results the past month are below 97F and apparently that is a sign of low thryoid. The funny things is I went back over my old charts, going back to 2011 when I started, and it has always been that low. So for at least 5 years I have had a low thyroid. I should have had it checked sooner. I always just thought I'm fat and tired and that's the way it is. Even when I have tried to lose weight, it is a real struggle. And now I know why!

My doctor is recommending I get my level rechecked in a month, so I will do that before I go back to work. He also said I could leave it for the fertility clinic to manage. Which is fine as I'll have all my tests and things done by then. I think this could affect my fertility so I do want to get it taken care of.

I am a little frustrated with the place that took my blood though. They gave me this PIN so I could get to check my results, and of course it doesn't work. So I called the tech support number and the guy on the phone was less than helpful. He said he would "send it to IT" which always means it won't be fixed to me. So I will give it a bit of time, and then pay $5 to get them from the doctor's office. Frustration! Annoying. I'd like to see the results just to be able to compare and see where I am borderline on things. My relief is currently outweighing the frustration though. For now.

In terms of my plans, given the thyroid results I will be adding selenium sooner than I had planned, I was going to take it only when I was actively trying as it is supposed to help with implantation. I have read that it can help with a "sluggish" thyroid though so I will start it now. I am also going to try and give up eggs and dairy, possibly gluten as well. I'll start with 30 days, see if I can do it and how I feel afterwards. I do recognize that I may need to be on some medication but I will hear about that in 6 weeks or so.

Jackson is at daycare for a few hours today, which is a nice break for me. I got the grocery shopping done with no "help". I was pretty good at sticking to my list, and restocking a few things we ran out of. I'll go get him in another hour or so. He wanted to go play volleyball. He has been watching the olympics with me, and is quite into a few of the sports. So far I think he likes swimming best. Which is fun. Canada won a gold last night, when I told him the morning his only comment was "why don't the men win!" So I told him they were waiting for him to be ready to swim. He got a funny look on his face, so cute. I wonder if he will want to keep going with swimming since he's enjoying it so much right now. I have told him he has to decide what he wants to do in the fall, swimming, gymnastics, basketball or nothing. He needs to decide soon though, Sign up starts this week.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Week by week

This is Jackson's second week of swim kid level 1, and he has already passed! I am just so proud since he did the younger level about 5 times and couldn't get it. I've got him registered for level 2 to start next week, since he's on a roll we'll keep going. I only managed to find a low ratio class, and it's an hour later than this one so we'll see how that goes with it being at dinner time basically. We are on holidays though so can have a good snack before we go. He is really enjoying it, and with watching the Olympics has been trying out his swimming techniques from the races he watches.

He's been watching a lot and Canada is not doing that well. He gets very invested and quite upset when they don't win. I think it's a good thing to learn to deal with, but it is hard to deal with. I'm not sure why he gets so upset by their losses. We spend time talking about they are doing their best, and it's amazing they are good enough to get to the Olympics at all. Not sure it's helping but I hope so!

Since it has been 3 weeks from when my referral was sent I called the clinic to see if they got it and when I can expect to hear back. They had it and she booked my appointment for September 27th. 6 1/2 weeks away. Ugh. Oh well. I'll be back to work by then but it'll have to do. It gives me 6 weeks to keep up with getting healthier. It would be nice to lose a few pounds, but that may not happen.

I have managed to go for my regular blood work, and the ultrasound for my possible hernia. I have one more appointment in early September, then it's just waiting for the first appointment. I have heard good things about the doctor I've been referred to, which is nice to see. He is apparently quite nice and very good at answering questions. I know I will need tests, and beyond that not sure! I have been tracking my BBT again, how boring is that. It is lower than it probably should be, but it does show I've ovulated, so that is great. I have a bunch of OPT's and pregnancy tests I bought last year on amazon, they don't expire for quite a while still so I imagine I'll get to use them.

It has been really hot and humid here, all thoughts of walking around outside are not happening. I should be working out at home I guess, but I feel so ugh from the heat and humidity. I've been better about my eating habits, but the exercise just isn't happening this week. I did a few days of 10k steps last week but none this week.

I will say not having to worry about work at all has been very nice. I am very happy to be able to take all this time off in the summer. It is very nice to be able to fully relax, and just not do a whole lot.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Vacation week 2

One week of vacation is done and we are on to week 2. So far we've had more good times than bad but still have some moments when we both lose our tempers, and I should know better. I have been trying to keep calm, make things more playful. Sometimes it works, but I know I need to be in a good frame of mind to begin with, if I am tired and it's hot and losing it already, I have a hard time switching to that playful mood. Getting better though, I think any way!

He's been doing swimming lessons, 5 down, 4 to go. And he seems to be getting it! Crazy. He did one level in the preschool levels so many times. Now he's in swim kids and voila, he can swim! I elected to put him in the regular class, there are 6 kids in there. 4 boys and 2 girls. He is the youngest boy, but is holding his own and I think it helps that there are 3 other boys who are doing really well too. The two girls, well I'll be surprised if they pass to be honest. We went swimming yesterday as well and he practiced a bit and then also jumped in with a life jacket on. I still feel like I have water up my nose. But I survived. I cross my fingers he passes. We will decide whether he wants to do another set of lessons once we know that. If he doesn't I think we'll try some extra practices just us. See if it helps or not.

Yesterday we got a fish. A betta. And a tank and all that stuff. Jackson loves it. It's in his room and he's so happy to have a pet in there that won't attack his toes. We thought it was dead yesterday because it was hiding right beside a plant and not swimming around. But apparently that's what they do actually. I ordered one more plant and think we need another lower one for him too. He's very pretty, and hopefully he lives awhile! No name other than Purple Boy at this point. I'll suggest a few tomorrow and see if he goes for any. I'm still not sure why I said ok lets get a fish then. I was thinking a gold fish or something, but this guy seems easier actually. And he can't have any friends, so no asking for more fish any time soon! Honestly, I'd love a big salt water tank, but the work, the cost, the work... too much! This little guy will do. He is a bit scared of us right now but I am sure he'll figure out we're the food bringers and be happy to see us soon enough.

The plan this week is two days of daycare, Thursday and Friday. But he may go on  Wednesday as well. He misses playing with his friends since I don't play right. What can I say? I don't follow orders so well when playing. We do play games, and with some toys. We have also been doing that pokeman go thing, for fun. We don't really know what we are doing but he likes to catch them so we go for walks and try to find them. The first time we went out it was so hot. Two hours of walking, with a stop at the park to play. Ugh. I've been getting lost of steps in though, we don't walk that fast but we get the steps in and I think it counts for something!  I have not been doing the yoga I wanted to do, I'm so tired! I haven't been getting 8 hours of sleep. See I should be in bed already! But I'm not. I just want some "me" time after he's in bed, which is happening by 9, which is so late for me on a good day, so then I stay up until 11 and feel like crap getting up at 7.

I've been taking a prenatal, and added magnesium as well. It helps me sleep (also keeps me regular ha ha) and I've read it's good for pregnancy stuff. I realized I have many books on fertility and have been reading them all. Also have two more from the library on the way. I still haven't gotten a call for my appointment! I wish they'd call so this can get rolling. Shouldn't have waited so long.  I feel like I'm taking a lot of pills, and yet I'm sure there are more I could be taking. Prenatal, CoQ10, Omega 3s, vitamin C, B100 complex, probiotic, Ca/Mg/Zn combo and if we don't get out in the sun I take vitamin D as well. Oh, and now the magnesium too. I've been taking my BBT every morning at the same time, fitbit alarm helps with that. My normal temperature is low, like below 97F, and I think that is a sign of something not right. I have blood work to get done this week so perhaps it will shed some light. I suspect my thyroid is low or something. It's not like there is a reason to be really cold when it's so hot outside. And I am not sleeping with my mouth open. I did get an ovulation cross bar on my chart which was nice to see. Hopefully I am still ovulating!

I'm also feeling a bit sad. I won't be able to go on a trip this winter. Not if I'm actively trying or soon to be. With Zika buzzing around the places I'd be wanting to visit it just doesn't make sense to risk it. I will have to wait, and then travel with a baby and kiddo. I know it's possible, and I can do it. Certainly I'm not worried about travelling with Jackson any more. He knows what to do and gets it. Baby would add in a new dynamic, but I suspect we could manage something. Travel is on hold, but also held in my dreams. I do love cruises.

I think I will go to bed now. I may actually be able to fall asleep!  And hopefully stay that way all night long... fitbit is also good for tracking that, all the wake ups and tossing and turning I do. Could be worse, but at least 20 minutes a night of it. Most nights more. Oh well! Off to dreamland for me.