Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Grade 1

Well yesterday was supposed to be the first day of school, but of course my kiddo woke up with a sore throat and fever! So instead of a first day, he stayed home. Ugh! I did call the school to see who his teacher will be, and he was excited to know it was who he wanted. Today he did go to school, and I am still home because I emailed my boss to take the rest of the week off, I was worried he'd be sick longer than a day, and there is still a chance he'll come home early or need another day off. But he's there! And he was excited to find his desk, and get a cubby, and all of it. We'll see at the end of the day of course, and how much he'll share with me. I hope he has a friend of two in his class. I think there are two grade 1 classes, I know the one boy he has issues with is in the other class (thank goodness!!)  He still isn't feeling 100% so I sent him with chicken noodle soup and some softer foods. The softer foods because his throat hurts and he has another loose tooth!

Instead of going to work today, I went and got groceries. It was worth it, and I am still thinking I will stay off the rest of the week, even though he's feeling better. Manage to avoid work a few more days? Yes please! As long as Jackson doesn't know it will be fine.

Saturday morning we have plans to go to Home Depot and do the free kids craft, it is a nice way to spend the morning and he gets a new something from it. He doesn't like using the hammer because it is hard, but he loves the painting and the screw driver. While we are there I will pick up a part for the toilet upstairs. It keeps running by itself so I know what needs to be replaced, and it looks easy enough. I do rent and could call the landlord to fix it but it would probably cost him like $60 for a plumber plus the part, and I can do it for $15 on my own. It will save me money on water for sure, stupid thing runs on it's own just kind of randomly! Drives me nuts.

It was pay day, wasn't quite as a big a pay day as I wanted, or expected, but it was enough of course. Managed to set a good budget and we'll pick up some fast food for supper. Saves me having to cook and kiddo is always excited. He gets a grown up meal now, he loves it even though he doesn't eat all the food, and I get him OJ or milk with it, he doesn't like soda (pop?) which is probably a good thing.

I am still waiting for a new contract, and wondering what I'll do with the money. Even now I am dreading winter, and wishing I could go on another cruise or trip to Disney, or something! I should be frugal and not waste the money, but man do I want to go somewhere. I don't want to wait another year to do it! I don't think kiddo wants to wait either. He loves the trips, he had so much fun and talks about it all the time. We talk about it at bedtime many nights, and just randomly. He wants to go again and I've told him probably when he is 7, so he is waiting for that. I'd like to surprise him with going sooner. I guess we'll see what happens.

My day is half over, but kiddo still has quite a few hours to go at school. I hope he is having fun, and enjoying the experience. I also hope he will talk about it at the end of the day and tell me about it. Not get distracted as he tends to do. I am looking forward to it.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Almost back to work

Two more days. That's all I have before it's back to work. I am not looking forward to it at all. I don't think I really like my job. In general it's a pay cheque but certainly it's not something I ever thought I'd be doing. What did I expect? No idea really. But now I'm 40 and 15 years (hopefully) from retiring, so it feels like it's too late to change that. I can change positions within the organization, and I will probably be looking to do that. I do not like some of my co-workers at the moment and my boss is so not ready to be the boss. I'm not either but he is just so new to it, and it is frustrating. I'm not sure how to fix it, or help, or change it at all. I do have a test for a sort of promotion, it's a different level but kind of equivalent so I'm not even sure I'd want to do it, except that I could escape the people I work with for a year or so. It's not permanent. In order to really move up, I need to learn French, and I am not good at languages.

Tomorrow is Jackson's last day of summer. He starts Grade 1 on Tuesday. He is quite excited, I hope it goes well. I will be able to take him for the first day, and have him go to daycare after to get used to that. Then Wednesday it's back to it for both of us. Back to some better eating for me, and exercise too. I am looking forward to those parts. Weird. We have no real plans for the day, getting lunches ready, clean the house a bit, perhaps play at the park, if the weather is good because it has been so hot lately!

Today we went swimming at the pool, it was fun. But it was the last time for awhile. I also cleaned out the closets, All the old clothes that don't fit. Got 4 bags of clothes to go! Crazy how much stuff we have that we don't need. It was a starting point any way. There is still a lot to clean up. If we are going to move in a year, then I expect we will need to get rid of a lot of stuff. I know we need to purge some toys too. I've told Jackson he needs to decide on some to get rid of before his birthday in December, and before Christmas. Nothing new until something goes. We'll see how that goes! Today he had so many set up, all over the floor. He was having a lot of fun though, train set, boats in the "harbour" and two airports. It was crazy and messy, and he had a lot of fun. So it was nice.

We actually had a busy week. There were 3 play dates, and swimming, and he had two days of daycare. I kind of enjoyed those two days. It was nice to relax a little on my own. Though of course I also did some grocery shopping, cleaned the house, and did laundry. I'm sure Tuesday will be nice as well, after I drop him off at school I have the day to myself. But I have to prepare for work. And that could be difficult for me. I am not looking forward to it. I think I said that already.