Thursday, June 25, 2015

On to grade 1!

Today was Jackson's last day of kindergarten. He starts Grade 1 in September.  Tomorrow is his last day with his current group at daycare as well. He moves up to Group D in July. Which is nice for the wallet, the price drops about $100 a month. Phew. He is pretty proud of himself, and excited to start the next grade. It is so strange that my baby is growing up so much, and so fast.

On Saturday he is going to my parent's for a visit. I will take him half way and meet them at Timmies, then he'll go stay with them for a few days on his own. Which means I will be here on my own for a few days. I have to work Monday and Tuesday then I'm off the rest of the week. I will go down to join him Wednesday or Thursday, we'll see how we both do the first few days. I am a little nervous, I know my parents will take good care of him, and he will be fine, and have a lot of fun. It is just strange to think I won't have to deal with taking care of him myself. The only time I've been away from him is when I was in the hospital with my gallbladder issues. And at that point I was so drugged up I didn't really notice :-)  For my few days alone I am not sure what I will do, I will get to sleep in on Sunday, if the cats allow it, and I may go to a movie! Something totally not kid friendly. I'd like to see the new Terminator movie but it doesn't come out until Wednesday, so it may be the new Jurassic World. I guess I'll see.

Work has been quite frustrating to me lately, I do not like some of my coworkers, and my new boss is very frustrating. He is temporary so I am trying to get through it. I am taking 5 weeks off in August, and looking forward to it. Only just over 5 weeks to go. I cannot wait! We have few plans, only some day trips to fit in. And one trip to Toronto to go to the Royal Ontario Museum and see the dinosaurs. As well we will probably go to Centre Island, which I am hoping will be a lot of fun. I am hoping we will simply relax, and enjoy doing nothing much for the summer, trips to the park, ride our bikes, things like that. I guess we'll see how well that goes. I do have to pay for August in order to keep his space, so he may go for a couple days when they do different trips.

Once back to work I will see if I can find a new position. I have applied on a new position but it doesn't seem to be doing anything right now, hopefully I get some news on it before my holidays. I just cannot seem to find my job, that something that I enjoy doing, or at least don't dread getting up to do. I know that I make good money, and have benefits and it is a good job. It just doesn't make me happy, or like I am contributing anything.

In other news, we got a new kitten. I wanted an ocicat, and found a breeder near Montreal. We went and picked little Kit Kat up on June 14. She is great, she gets along well with everyone, including the other cats. And especially Jackson, who really likes her. She is a healthy little thing, she was fixed already and I took her to the vet to get checked out. The breeder had her on a raw diet, and I have kept that up, adding in canned because my other two prefer it. They are all switching over though. All my research leads me to think it will be healthier for the cats in the long run and after all the health issues with my pets, well I will do what I can.

Elsa and Kit Kat playing