Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not much to say

Life is pretty good for now.  Money is tight, paying double daycare fees for the month was difficult, and I was very bad with my budget.  But we're managing, and things are good.  Well, Jackson has been sick, he woke up coughing the other night which lead to him throwing up, all over me... ah the joys of kids :-)  I had to have a shower at midnight lol, but he finally went back to sleep and was ok in the morning.  Today however he woke up quite sick, fevered and coughing.  So I kept him home today.  And he went back to sleep until 10am!!!!  So he was not feeling well, but he seems to have improved over the day.  He had a good afternoon nap as well.  He did not want to go to bed tonight, but a warm bath helped and he did eventually fall asleep.  Hopefully he's better tomorrow and we're back to normal.

We had a swimming lesson on Sunday, it was pretty good.  He did not want to let go of me, and has a fear of the water that he didn't have when we did lessons at 6 months.  I didn't know that the work on the pool meant if I changed in the ladies change room that I would have to go out and around, past all the kids on their way to hockey, and the parents having coffee and fries, in my bathing suit, to get to the pool the lessons are in... so next time we'll change in the special change room so I can save that embarrassment.  I couldn't even let him walk because he was barefoot by that point... sigh... I'll know for next time I guess! 

Not too long til it's Thanksgiving.  We're going to my parent's of course.  It'll be a nice long weekend, and hopefully the weather is nice.  We are probably going apple picking.  It should be fun, and having my parents there to help corral him will be helpful.  He does love apple trees, well the crap apple trees we see when we go for our walks.  He loves trees.  He loves going for walks too.  I feel a bit bad we haven't been to the park much lately, it's a bit of trek to get to, and it gets dark so much ealier now!  Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend and we can go in the afternoon. 

Any way.  Still thinking of number 2, but really enjoying my little boy right now, he is a lot of fun, and learning so much.  He loves to play, and is showing an imagination.  Life is pretty good. 

Friday, September 16, 2011

Just when I think everything is good

Jackson is doing well at the new daycare, he didn't cry Thursday or Friday at drop off, though his lip was quivering.  He is very cranky and tired, hungry, at the end of the day, and wants to leave NOW, but he seems to be happy and playing and having fun.  So that is a relief.

I decided not to pay the old daycare the two weeks, the contract does say I will give one month, but I feel she violated it, and broke it, by booking an extra 7 days, and even taking an extra sick day earlier in the year she should have reimbursed me for.  She sent me a text asking where her money was, I had sent an email but I guess she didn't get it yet.  So I told her I wouldn't be paying, and she got mad, of course, and threatened to take me to small claims court.  I told her I wasn't paying because she violated the contract, and I'd send her the email again.  It's very well written, thanks to some help from friends at work, and I think more than generous.  The whole situation makes me sick to my stomach honestly, I'm not good at confrontation.  But I don't believe it's fair what's she's done to me, and I don't feel I should have to pay her.  She told me on the phone that the Christmas vacation she doesn't get paid for... which is no where in the contract, those days are not mentioned, and if she had put that in there I might feel differently. 

The whole thing has been irritating, a learning experience I guess?  Something I hope to never go through again.  I certainly have learned what to do or expect with a contract, and I won't do daycare without a subsidy again (I hope).  Extra frustration, I know when this all began I found, and read, the contract, and now I can't find it for some reason!  I'm sure I put it some place "safe"... you'd think I'd know better lol.  Hopefully I find it soon... or don't bother to need it?  sigh...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Daycare drama... the saga continues

Well drop off this morning was not good.  I left feeling so bad!  Jackson was great going in, he did not want to go into the preschool room when we got there.  The kids start out in there until snack time because there are so few kids.  He was a trooper going to get his shoes changed and hang up his coat.  Then we went into the preschool room and there was a new lady in there, she didn't know Jackson so I introduced him, and told her he was new and he was about to cry so if she could take him to the window to wave goodbye it might help.  He started crying and was very upset but I had to go so I told him I'd be back, gave him a hug and kiss, and headed for the door.  I felt so bad I started crying before I got to my car.  He never did get to the window to wave to me, I'm not sure why but it upset me. 

I called the director and left a message but she's busy with the kids until at least 10, so didn't call me back.  I called her again at 1 and she answered the phone, so we chatted and I started crying (again) and she said when she got in at 7:45 he was at the table playing with the cars and the worker was there rubbing his back and playing with him.  He was doing ok, a bit teary at moments but by snack time he was fine.  I know he's ok once he's in the toddler room, he wanted to go in there this morning, I think he finds the other room overwhelming. Hopefully he adjusts (before I have a break down myself!)  I also found out my daily rate, which was great, and she said she'd leave paperwork for me to sign up for the direct debit (finally!).  That was great and it was all there when I got in so hopefully that starts soon.  It was also a bonus because I don't have to pay for the full month for September, so it's lower than I expected, which means I could put a little more gas in the car tonight...

I got home to a letter from the city telling me I owe them the monthly fee... Yeah no shit sherlock!!  OMG I called and left a very loud message telling the person who sent me the letter how unimpressed I am, that I've left multiple messages and no one could bother to call me back and help me out but sure send me a notice basically collecting.  I was so not nice, and so not happy.  Honestly, I've called twice, spoken to the receptionist who knew nothing, and even the daycare couldn't help me last week.  So mad.  It should be fine now but I expect to talk to someone from the city tomorrow or they'll be getting something from me in writing because I am livid over the treatment.  I asked at my interview how much I'd be paying and how to pay, and was told it's all handled at the daycare, daycare says no I need to pay the city monthly.  Very upsetting and frustrating.  I appreciate that I'm getting financial assistance here, but this is so stupid. 

Any way.  I am hoping that things get better by the end of the week.  Jackson was very tired and hungry by the time we got home, so it was a short evening with him.  All in all I'm not sure what to do about the daycare.  I am considering changing my shift, again, to 8:30 to 4:30, so I could drop him off quite close to snack time, and hopefully avoid the meltdown.  I am going to try this week out at 8 to 4, and see how it is by Friday, then I'll reconsider my shift.

I did also get to meet his "normal" teacher, she apparently was on vacation last week.  I quite liked her, as I have the other two regulars, so that is a good sign.  She was very nice, and obviously has paid a lot of attention to him. I forgot to read his daily book, I am used a weekly one so daily is hard to remember, plus he just wants to GO when I get there.  They are all quite excited that he uses cloth diapers, so that was neat lol.  And he had a fat lip they couldn't explain but had written up a report I had to sign saying I'd seen it. They think it might have been a bug bite outside or something, looks like he bit his lip or someone hit him (not one the providers).  Knowing how often he falls and tumbles it could have been anything but I think if he had fallen they would have told me.  In any case, it's better now, and considering he fell head first off my bed on Friday night, well this is nothing compared to some bumps and bruises he's had! 

Oh, we went to the baby boom show on the weekend and he saw Barney live.  I didn't know he knows who Barney is but apparently he does, that's ok lol, he had fun and it was nice to get out (for free).  I did buy a fitted diaper, though I'm not sure how I'm going to pick it up, I'll worry about that later, it still has to be made after all!  I think I can pay for shipping but not sure I want to lol.  Other than that I was good and didn't buy anything, though I did try on a carrier that I quite liked.  But since I have two on the way, we'll see once I get those what I decide to do.

And I'm still on the fence about paying the old daycare or not.  I don't want to, and don't think I should have to.  I saw two new kids there today (she's right across the street...) so I'm not worried about her needing the money so much.  It's frustrating.  But I'll figure it out!  Make a decision at some point I guess :-)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Crazy week

Well this week has been a little bit crazy.  Jackson started his new daycare on Tuesday and I'm not entirely sure how happy I am about it, but we'll give it some more time and see how it goes.  The first day was more overwhelming for me than for him, he seemed to do just fine, and I picked him up after lunch so he didn't nap there.  Wednesday seemed to go well, he slept there, but he was Starving when I picked him up, and ate a huge dinner. It seems there are a lot of distractions at meal times, there are 3 tables of kids eating, and a fish tank right there to watch, plus they eat at little tables in proper chairs, not strapped into a high chair, so he can easily get up and wander around.  Everyone tells me he'll get used to that and I hope he will, because dinner is later now than it was, it takes us longer to get home and then I still have to get dinner on the table, so we eat about half an hour later than we were.

He's also going to bed earlier, he is very tired, and they nap earlier in the day. It works for me really lol, since it means I get some "me" time after he goes to bed, all very nice.  And with him in bed at 7 (though not asleep until closer to 7:30, I have time to do one of my 20 minute workouts, and have a shower, before the "good" tv starts at 8 (I really need a pvr lol).  He isn't sleeping very well, I think it's been hard on him with the changes, and getting used to it all, his little mind is working overtime sorting it all out, and he also isn't eating as much during the day so wanting more milk at night, plus they don't do bottles there so he isn't getting as much milk, and he's also very thirsty at the end of the day, so I'm not sure he's getting enough water either, I mean to ask them about that next week.

It's been stressful for me too because I still haven't sorted out the payment!  I was told by the city I'd pay the daycare, the daycare says I should have paid the city... no one wants my money I'll happily keep it!  The director for the daycare is back on Monday so hopefully she can help me get it sorted out, and then I'll know what I'm actually paying each month as well!  That has also made things stressful for me. 

Then my car... on Thursday I got to my car after work and went to start it.  Nothing happend. No clicking, just nothing! Now my car has automatic lights, you can't accidently leave them on, so there was no reason for a dead battery!  But I have CAA so I called them up. Then I called my sister, because I had to go get my kid at the new (not right across the street from my house) daycare, and my parents, because I am totally broke and if I needed a new battery I couldn't afford it. By this point I was in tears, and as I was talking to my sister she asked what it did when I turned the key, so I climbed back in to try it again, and it started!  Reluctantly but it started... so I told her I'd call her from the daycare, and then called CAA to cancel the call, and off I went. The A/C was on and it stopped working about half way there, so I knew there was still a problem, and I was right.  I got to the daycare, put the window up, turned it off, and the automatic locks wouldn't work.  So tried to start it again and it was dead, again.  I called everyone, again, and went in to at least tell them so they'd keep him happy until I could get him. 

My sister met me at the daycare, took my car seat, and Jackson (who was not happy about the situation, he knows her but not that well) and off she went.  CAA showed up at the same time, and gave me a boost, the guy said based on what the booster thing said it didn't appear to be my alternator, so if it was the battery he could have CAA come to my house to replace it, and the person who would come do that could make sure that's what it was.  And I'd only have to pay for the battery, no labour or anything.  (So glad I got CAA!).  So that was great, the car was running, and the battery charged up, so off I went home to wait.  My sister brought Jackson back to me after he had dinner with her and her kids, and then the CAA guy showed up.  Oh, and the one who gave me a boost?  He lives at the end of my street and I see him every morning leaving for work... small city?  :-) 

The guy who came, checked everything out, showed me all the printouts from his little computer machine, and said the battery is fine, should last me two more years, the alternator is fine, and the starter is fine.  He lubricated things and tightened things.  It seems my battery died because I do "stop and start driving" and "short trips"  Seriously, his little computer printed that out... I still think it's way too sci fi for me, I mean the battery told him that?  Scary stuff.  So he told me to drive longer... ok... and that was that! 

All in all, it made for a hectic day.  And the next day when I dropped Jackson off at daycare, he started bawling as I was leaving.  Which made me cry all the rest of the way to work, and feel horrible for changing daycares and all of it.  I am determined to stick with the new place, I know in the long run it will be better for us both, and my bank account, but it is hard to change!  Hopefully by the end of next week everything will be on track and running smoothly, and we'll both be happy for the change.

I still haven't decided what to do about paying the old daycare, she feels I still owe her two weeks, I am considering paying her for one, and even that feels generous.  Everyone I talk to tells me not to pay her, but I don't want to burn bridges, or piss any one off.  The contract says I owe her a month's notice, but it also says she'll be closed for 10 days, and she's taken that and now got 7 more booked!  Which is the reason I about faced and decided to take the subsidised spot.  Technically she broke the contract, so to me the whole thing should be null and void, but I'm sure she doesn't feel that way.  All in all, a frustrating situation and one I will be glad when it gets resolved, and happy to not have to pay as much so I have an emergency fund (in case the battery really does need to be replaced!)

We're supposed to go to the Baby Boom Show this weekend, but Jackson has a cold, from the new daycare germs, so I'm not sure I want to take him out.  And I'm broke so can't buy anything any way, but there's usually free samples of things :-)  And I do love my free stuff!  lol. 

Ok, novel written ;-)  if anyone reads it lol, and I guess since he's napping I should go and clean something, or exercise, or move my butt or something.  Here I go!

Oh, one more thing lol, I won a prize on momstown, for their birthday contests, so I have a new picnic table for Jackson, it's really nice and way bigger/better than I could ever have afforded.  Kind of neat!  I won a prize from them last year as well.  I wish I had such luck with lottery tickets...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of new daycare

Well day 1 is done.  It was easy for him, not so much for me.  We got there for 7:45 and after putting his things in his little cubby we went to the big room to play until snack time.  Jackson thought it was fun, but he was quiet, he played with some toys and wasn't quite sure what was going on I think.  Snack time was at 8:15 and was cheerios and bananas.  Jackson had a few cheerios and then just wanted to watch the fish in the fish tank.  I wonder if I hadn't been there if he would have eaten more, or if he would have been ignored.  It was stressful for me, he seemed ok.

After snack time we went to play in the toddler room, he enjoyed that, they have a lot of trucks to push around, and a kitchen to cook in, plus a set of stairs and a ramp to go up and down.  When the third worked arrived it was time to change bums and get the kids outside.  It was pretty much 10 by then and so I left once he was playing outside and happy.  I returned at 11:20 which was a bit before lunch was done.  He again wasn't really eating, and it concerns me. I'm sure if he is hungry he will eat, but he is a slow eater and there is not time for slowness at this place.  I had picked up a burger and fries for my lunch (bad on many levels) but was glad to have a few fries to give him on the ride home.  He went up to bed when we got in, and fell asleep quite quickly, with a bottle, which he drained.  So he was hungry and/or thirsty.

I hope tomorrow goes well.  He'll be there all day and I'm not sure how nap time will go.  There are no bottles so that will be a change for him.  I worry about him being lost in the shuffle of kids, hopefully they pay some attention to him and he manages.

It was a little frustrating for me because the actual dirctor was not in, I liked her. Her replacement is not as good.  And I have no idea how to arrange payment, or how much I'll be paying, or anything like that.  And it's quite annoying.  I called my city worker when I got home but of course she's off on holidays for 2 weeks... so what now?  I don't even know what to do at this point, I guess I have to wait and see, but it's frustrating, I have things budgetted to a penny and now I'm screwed... Once we get through this it'll be fine, right? 

I did not get up early enough to exercise, or even shower lol.  I will have to start showering at night I guess, and getting him up a little earlier than I did so he has time to eat properly.  I really hope this gets better for me, and that he continues to not cry!

Monday, September 5, 2011

It starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of the new daycare.  I'm nervous.  Jackson doesn't care lol.  I think I have everything ready to go, clothes to leave there, new shoes all ready, diapers, wipes & cream, sunscreen.  And it's all labelled.  Tomorrow we are going to begin our new daily plan.  Since we have to drive to the daycare, and he has to eat breakfast before we go, I need to get up at about 5.  I should probably be sleeping now lol.  I hope to do a short workout, then shower and get ready.  I'll get him up around 6, or a bit later, hopefully he'll eat his breakfast.  Then we're off!  Tomorrow we don't have to be there quite as early as normal, since it's the first day they want to do a half day and have me stay with him.  I'm not sure this will be good or not, but we'll see how it goes.  I hope he enjoys it, and does as well there as he has been at the last place. 

I found out some interesting things about the subsidy program here.  I do qualify, and I'll be paying a set monthly rate.  Apparently the rate stays the same no matter how many kids I have in daycare.  This is a big thing for me.  And something I wish I had known sooner as I'd likely have wanted to start trying for number 2 sooner.  The biggest reason I didn't want to two in daycare was the cost, and now that's irrelevant.  I am gonig to get Jackson on the lists for before/after school care, subsidized, for the schools near here, I hope he'll have a spot when he's ready to start school, but based on my current plans for number 2 I may have another year, since I'd like to be home the first year on mat leave again.

Money wise, I'm pretty well screwed right now, I had to borrow money from my parents so that I can pay two daycares this month.  But in October I should be ok, be able to get on track.  I have a few plans for how to save more, though I really just need to stop buying "'stuff" :-)  I've already got a few Christmas presents bought, and my parents have pretty much committed to getting him a kitchen. 

Weight wise, I am tracking things, for now, and watching what I eat.  The exerecise first thing in the morning will help I think, but I have to actually do it.  That is the hard part of course!  I am hoping to start getting organic fruits and veggies delivered starting in October, there is a local company that does boxes of stuff, and I think it would be a good way for me to get the organic stuff, eat healthy, and try new things.  Between that and going to Costco to get meat, and of course my weekend cooking sprees, it should help me keep on track with my eating, and spending. 

I really need to do more cleaning, and keep on top of the chores.  I bought a vileda mop, it's reuseable, and you can use your own solution in it.  I haven't used it yet, but am sure it'll be great.  Since we're only doing a half day tomorrow at the daycare, when I bring him home for his nap, I'll try and get some cleaning done while he's sleeping... and not nap myself :-)

We had a good long weekend at my parent's.  He got to see the water at the dock, and the boats, and he loved it.  He's still asking to go to the water, boats, but of course I don't think there's any near here.  I might be wrong about that, and should probably look into it.  He slept pretty well there, but it's nice to be home!  I always miss my own bed. 

Which I should go get into now, I have to get up early tomorrow.