Saturday, November 26, 2011

Visit with a baby

Jackson and I went to visit a friend today.  She and her husband (who wasn't home today) moved into their brand new house at the beginning of the month.  They have Emmy who is about 19 months now, and baby Cooper who was born Oct 14th.  So she has her hands full.  I was interested to see how Jackson was with a baby, and to see if I remembered anything about how to deal with them myself lol, my little man is such a big boy now I was worried I'd forgotten how to hold a baby and all that stuff.

Cooper is very adorable, he sure looks like his sister, you can really tell they are siblings!  I am very glad Jackson finally figured out how to say Cooper (he's been saying Pooper since I showed him a pic a month or so ago...)  That would have been embarassing!  I have to say though, as much as I want a second little one, I am glad I don't have number 2 yet. She seems really busy, and as she put it, she has very little time for herself now.  She does have a husband around to help of course, but I think she still have difficulty getting time for herself. 

I was able to pick the baby up and hold him, carry him up and down stairs (tour of their new house), and I probably could have done a diaper change if needed lol, course I still do those for Jackson so I'm in practice on that... I am a touch jealous, she is 41 now, and got married at 39, first baby, now second, brand new house... all the stuff I'm supposed to want I think. And some of it I do, minus the married part :-)  Her house is really nice, brand new, no fence yet though, which I would really want for the dog, laundry upstairs, I'd LOVE that.  new appliances, and all that nice stuff.  Main floor is very open concept, basement is finished into a family room.  Only issue I have, it's a townhouse, end unit, but still attached. 

I can't believe that in less than two weeks my baby will be 2.  He seems so grown up sometimes, so different from a year ago, it's amazing to watch him grow and develop.  He is so freakin cute :-)  And I love him, love being a mom.  Life is pretty good.  Even when it all feels a little overwhelming.  I cannot wait for Christmas vacation, we are off for 10 1/2 days together,  I do think it'll take 3 or 4 for me to relax and get into the routine of it, and then we can have fun with each other, and all his new toys ;-) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shoes and other stuff

Today I had my first parent teacher interview at daycare.  It was interesting.  Apparently my son is behind in his fine motor skills, but good with the gross motor skills.  He can't take off his own shoes.  Or put on his coat, or completely unzipper it on his own.  I didn't know he should be learning the skills already, isn't it early?  I feel like I've been told I'm a bad parent, I should have been doing these things with him for months now apparently. 

I was also told he doesn't jump off things.  Umm, is he supposed to?  I mean I've been telling him for awhile now to stop jumping on things, let alone off them... but he's supposed to be able to do that?  Ok.  I guess I don't know much about this parenting thing!  He can climb a tree, a hill, run, hop, and go down the slide on his own, but he can't undo the velcro on his shoes.  I'm finding this all a bit strange.

He has a lot of words, he parrots and repeats almost everything you say (gotta watch myself driving...) but he only uses two word sentences... which is odd cause he was using 3 or 4 words tonight... maybe he doesn't do that there?  He doesn't always listen to the teachers, you know if it's time to go in and he's having fun they have to go and get him cause he won't come when called... ok... he's not even 2 yet! 

Oh, and while he plays well on his own, he doesn't like to be interrupted when he is playing, or have the other kids take what he is playing with.  He will also just go and take the things he wants.  Ok, he's an only child, he has never had to share!  I realize he needs to learn this but I don't think it's something he can learn in the two months he's been at this daycare.  Yes he's only been there 2 months.  In two months he should have learned to take off his shoes and put on his coat, and play with others, and a bunch of other stuff.

But he knows things, she did admit he's very smart.  He knows his colours and when you ask him things he knows what you are asking, and even in his parroting he seems to understand what he is saying.  I'm just a little frustrated I guess.  I mean I didn't know I was supposed to be doing these things, getting him to take things off and put them on.  It does explain why he took half his pajamas off yesterday at bed time.  He was practising his zippers. 

It was picture day today, and I took a pic before I sent him off to daycare... excuse the mess :-) And tell me how fabulously cute he is lol

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Girl's Night Out

For the first time since my son was born I went out with some friends for dinner, and left him home.  My sister and my younger niece came over to stay with him, Jessica is 12.  I think she had fun but was a bit worried that he was bored and wanted to go to bed early.  My sister had gone home at that point to prepare for a short visit from my mom, and came back to help put him to bed.  I had hoped they would keep him up a bit, with the time change tonight, but alas he was in bed by 7:05. 

I had a good time, it was nice to be out, and have a nice dinner, take my time, and enjoy some good conversation (and gossip lol).  I will have to do it again, but think I need to find a babysitter I'll have to pay, that isn't related, since my sister and her girls are so busy they don't have time to come over.  It will be tricky since I'm not that comfortable with someone else in my home, or with my kid, so I'm not sure what I'll do.  Have to think about it I guess.  For this night out I had to book a week in advance :-)  My sister's girls are very busy kids. 

I have to admit I'm not really a go out a lot kind of a girl, never have been, so staying home with my kiddo is not a hardship. I do however like to eat out lol, which is something I need to work on any way.  I do like my friends, and have noticed that they have changed over time, as in I have new ones now that I am a mom than before I was.  It's funny too because the friends I have now who I am closest to were those acquantances I knew at work who were not as close.  Funny how things change.

The time change, it happens tonight, I hope it goes well.  He went to bed at 8:30 so I'm hoping he'll wake up at 7, rather than 6.  Cross your fingers!

On baby number 2 news, I've been tracking my temp with a BBT for a couple months now, and while it's great for showing me when my period is due... so far according to fertility friend on my phone, I've not ovulated once, I have to pretty lines on my chart.  It has me a little worried.  I am tempted to get some OPT's to check that way, though I don't intend to try right now, at least it might give me an idea if I'm actually ovulating.  Perhaps this week on payday I'll order some, hopefully they have a good expiry date and they'll be good a year from now when I do plan to try. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sick baby vs Hyper baby

My baby has been sick pretty much since he started at the new daycare.  I expected it to some extent, all the new germs in his relatively virgin immune system.  He started out with some colds, runny nose, coughing, a bit of fever.  Had a gunky eye that I thought was pink eye but wasn't, and the cough remains.  And then Friday daycare called me to pick  him up because he had a fever at daycare and was out of sorts.  On Saturday I noticed some stuff in his right ear and went to pick at it, cause I do that lol, and he cried, a lot.  So off to the clinic we went.  They said he has an outer ear infection and prescribed drops, no more swimming lessons til it clears up, and off we went.  The drops are murder to get in his poor ear, he creams, cries, thrashes about, I'm sure they don't go in there very well at all.  He was worse on Sunday, fever most of the day that would not go down, and when he finally went to bed he slept until 10am Monday morning... this is a kid who is up by 7 unless he's extremely ill.  So I took him to his doctor yesterday, who checked him over and said, ear infection in the left ear... umm ok!  That's  the other ear... whatever... she prescribed anitbiotics.  I asked, pleaded for the twice a day kind but of course she wouldn't do it.  Pain in the ass if you ask me, three times a day is impossible, I have to wake him up when I go to bed to give him his last dose, and then expect him to go right back to sleep.  I'm in for a few tired days myself I think.  And the reaction!  He takes the meds no problem, he's quite good about taking medications, I think he'd drink the stuff if I let him, but these antibiotics... wow... he's a hyper little sleepless monkey!  He had no nap today, was running around like a hooligan, crazy!  I'm almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow so I can relax a bit!!  Hopefully they can handle him at daycare tomorrow,  yes he's going even though the doctor said to keep him home a couple days... he's obviously feeling a lot better so unless he has another fever tonight, we're both back on schedule.  I hope that this is the end of the illnesses, I hope he finally starts to feel better and we turn a corner and he gets well.  It's so hard to see your baby sick.  Though I did enjoy the extra cuddles, and am not enjoying the hyperactive kid lol, it is just so frustrating to see your baby sick. 

On another topic, I have decided to wait 10 months to start my journey to baby number 2.  I have set some goals for that timeframe, including a dollar amount to have in the bank and a pound amount of weight to lose.  That puts me as starting to try in September next year, or at least going for a referral to the clinic at that point.  I also plan to get a family doctor before then, and hopefully get the baseline tests done, all that day 3 bloodwork, to see where I'm at.  And I'll be charting the whole time as well. To hopefully get an idea of my stats and what I'm looking at. 

It's all very exciting and scary at the same time.  I like my life, with my little man who is so amazing and wonderful, and who brings my such joy. I need to get on track with a few things, and hope that I can follow through on my goals.