Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This is my third Mother's Day as a mom.  It's just as nice as the first one.  I feel so blessed to have my son, to be a mom.  We didn't really do anything special, ran around to a few stores, played with some cars.  I ate too much bacon for breakfast, but it was really yummy.  He is having a nap now and I am going to do so as well.  It was a strange night.  My bedroom is on the second floor, above the garage.  Around midnight I heard growling so I woke up to tell the dog (in his crate) to be quiet before he started barking.  I looked over at the window, which was open because the weather was so nice last night, and I saw a face looking in at me.  This isn't totally strange, occasional neighbourhood cats come to peek in, but my cats usually go nuts with a howling when they do and my cat was sleeping on the bed.  Then I realized it was an odd shaped face and woke up a little more to realize it wasn't a cat, and it wasn't my dog growling but this raccoon on the roof... I grabbed my phone and snapped a couple pics through the window before he ran off, and of course posted something on facebook.  Then had a hard time falling back to sleep.  It was close to the time Jackson often wakes up looking for another bottle.  Strange.  The little one looked like a baby, he was not as big as the ones I've seen by my parent's place. 

My midnight visitor
Not the best pic with the flash on the window but you can see what it is, that is not a cat...And I can't believe no one has commented on it on facebook!

Any way.  This weekend has been good.  We planted some vegetables in the garden beds I put down, and I am hopeful we will have some lovely fresh veggies this summer, if the squirrel will stop trying to eat the seeds.  I send the dog out to chase it away but that doesn't last too long.  Jackson loves gardens, but he doesn't really understand that once the seeds are in you don't continue to dig the soil up... hopefully we get a few plants to grow but we'll see how it goes. Even a few tomatoes will be nice.

Yesterday Jackson spent the day with my sister and her girls.  She again commented that he talks more than her kids did.  Yes I know, he's a chatterbox, constantly commenting on the world around him, talking to people in the store, on and on.  I can tune it out sometimes but he normally wants, and expects, a response, and "Yeah" or "I see" just don't cut it for him.

I believe I am getting an acting promotion at work starting tomorrow, if everything works out for me it may lead to a permanent promotion.  I told Jackson mommy is getting a promotion so when we were at Costco yesterday he wanted to buy one... Very sweet but how to you explain a promotion to a child who doesn't really even get that mommy goes to "work"?  In any case, if I do get it as an acting, it is supposed to be for 3 months, that should be a bit of extra money I can put away towards baby 2 or a house. And if I get it more permanently I hope to continue living as though I am making what I do now, with all extra going to savings.  The more money I have in the bank the better.

I did get myself a food processor today for my Mother's Dy gift, it was supposed to be a bike but that is proving a bit more difficult to figure out how to get home, it doesn't fit in my car.  And I can't ride it home with Jackson without some difficulty.  The processor was on sale, 50% off, and seems to be a good one, it is 12 cups but has a little 4 cup small bowl inside as well.  And all the blades are stored in the unit, so it doesn't have a bunch of parts I need to worry about where to put.  I do however need to make a place for it on my counter. 

Any way.  Mother's Day 2012 is pretty good so far, I am looking forward to many more, and wish all mom's, soon to be mom's and mom's in waiting a great and happy day. 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Changing Child

Jackson is growing up. Everyday he changes a little more.  Yesterday he refused to nap, I guess he's getting to a point where he doesn't always need one. I could have used one :-)  but we survived. I did make him spend some time upstairs in his room "resting" though by the disaster that had swept through it by the time I went to get him, I don't think much resting was done.

We went for a walk yesterday after dinner.  He wanted to walk himself so I didn't bring the stroller, or my "backpack" for carrying him.  He's a big boy but he still fits in the Kinderpack Preschool sized carrier I have (and love love love).  He wanted to run in the grass, so we went down the bike path and he ran through the field, picking dandelions and watching out for "dirty poopies" from people who don't pick up after their dogs.  He loved it but he got a bit tired, so when we turned around I had to carry him a bit to explain that we had to go home now, and then he was ok.  For awhile.  I guess because of the lack of nap and all the running he was doing "are you running with me mommy?" He just wore himself out.  So when we were on the way back, and had reached the sidewalks again, he decided to throw himself on the ground, he wanted to walk the other way... umm no.  So I then had to carry him, and I missed my carrier then! 

Today he is napping, and his nose is running with great icky stuff coming out rather more than I'd like.  Not sure if it's some kind of cold or seasonal allergy happening, my own allergies have ramped up the past week or so, and I'm remembering to take my anti histamine most days.  I don't want to let him nap too much but if it is a cold, I do want him to kick it in the butt.

We also got his new big boy bed.  It's a twin mattress and box spring, no frame, just on the floor, but with DIGGERS!  He's very excited about it and loves it.  He can climb in and out himself, and I can lie down with him, though when I do he of course doesn't actually sleep. 

Big boy bed and the Big Boy
During his nap time yesterday I went up and lay down on his bed, hoping he'd lie down with me and rest.  He didn't but he did get me an extra blanket from his closet, cover me up, give me his bottle and his nunu (the white thing on his bed) and rub my arm.  It was very sweet. 

I  miss my little baby though.  I mean don't get me wrong, this toddler/preschooler is awesome and he's growing so fast and so amazing.  But I miss the little squishy baby I had, and the bigger baby learning to roll over and crawl and all that stuff.  So I am pretty sure I'll be going for number 2 this fall.  I plan to go to the doctor for a referral and check up in about a month, by then I should know about a promotion at work too. Once I have the referral, and I assume all the basic blood work and tests done, I should be in a good position to start figuring out sperm donors and all that good stuff. 

I remember being on mat leave and thinking how I wished time would slow down, how I reminded myself almost daily to enjoy these little moments.  Even now I have to remind myself to enjoy my boy, and to remember what it was like with a baby.  I know that the first month or so will be difficult, but the end result will be totally worth it.