Sunday, April 10, 2016

April Showers... or snowstorms

The weather has sure been terrible this April! We have had more snow this month than in December. Crazy. It's been cold and not very nice. I am hoping it will warm up this week. I want to get out on the bikes! Get out walking more, to the park more, all of that nice spring and summer stuff. We did get to the park one night after dinner, two of his friends were there too so that was nice. He ran around a lot, and fell asleep quick when he finally got to bed. But the next day it snowed, again. Yuck.

This weekend he had a friend over, pretty much his first real play date. It was kind of funny to me. Jackson has a lot of toys, like way way too many toys. The other kid was all about the video games. Jackson does have a Wii and about 3 games. They played two of them, and played a bit of hide and seek, which is tricky with two kids. Also a round of Mouse Trap. That's it! All these toys and the only comments from the other boy were on the fact our TV is so much smaller than his, and that the toys were no fun. I guess I am very happy my kid does love to actually play still. He uses his imagination and plays with toys. Mind you he uses all the toys, makes a huge mess, but he does do it.

We went to another open house today. Lovely house, one of the ones I really like. I was happy to finally see the inside of one. But of course I can't buy just yet. And it wasn't perfect. It needed some updates, new appliances I think, a few other things. It was also on a busy main street, and a little over priced I think. I still can't tell if I want to buy an older place or something new. I have time.

Back to work and school tomorrow. I had a sort of interview for a position on a new team, they'd be doing some projects and interesting stuff. I hadn't heard anything last week. Hopefully this week! At least just say no if that's the answer. I am planning to take August off again, and in July will probably be covering for someone else. I hope I will have something new by the end of summer any way.

Jackson is still learning a lot at school. He loves to learn new things, and it's pretty cool to see how well he's doing with the reading, and math. They are starting their health education, learning all the proper names of body parts and such. I'm not sure how indepth it will be. Should be interesting though, since he has the story of his creation (nice man who gave mommy a seed to plant in her belly... may need to update that if he learns too much this year!).

We have 6 weeks until our trip, I cannot wait! Four night cruise and 3 nights at Disney, it is going to be so great. I hope it's relaxing, and fun, and everything. I do wish I'd lost some weight before we go, but I am still happy to be going. At the rate this spring is going we may still have snow...

Saturday, April 2, 2016

April Showers

We had a lovely Easter at my parent's place. Jackson enjoyed it, and Easter itself. The weather Thursday before the long weekend was horrible so we didn't do the drive until Friday morning, at which point there was a lot of traffic! But we made it there, and back, and had a few days of enjoyment. Jackson did well finding all the candy filled eggs, no chocolate for my boy! I got a bit of chocolate though. Jackson also got Disney Oceans and the Good Dinosaur DVDs. He loves the documentary, he loves water and the oceans. The weather wasn't that great but he did get one day to play outside, and one day we went into town. My parent's got him a few "muscle" shirts, a really nice suit for the cruise, and a couple pair of pants. He also got some cool socks which he really likes. We went to lunch as well and he enjoyed that a lot.

For April, our budget is very tight, even for us. I have told kiddo that we are on a No Buy month, nothing but what we absolutely need. So only groceries, gas for the car and cat food. So far I think we'll be ok. But who knows what will happen I guess! I do know we have little flexibility this month. But our trip is paid off in a week with my next pay cheque, and otherwise, we don't really need a whole lot of stuff any way.

I have been dreaming of a house. Our union negotiations didn't lead to a contract but we do have a next date in April to go back, so I am very hopeful that within 3 months I will be getting some back pay and a payout, which will be a home down payment. With that I have to decide what to do. We went to look at model homes, again. I think we've seen these ones at least 4 times. I love them. But I cannot decide what to do. Part of it will depend how much money I get, and what mortgage I qualify for. At that point, if I can, I will get the bigger house I really really want. And if not I will get the ones I should get, that is more affordable, and doesn't have a big yard to take care of, has just enough space for us. And I can't figure out how to layout. It's open concept with only one wall to really put the TV on, so where does the couch go? Do I need to get a new couch? I really like my electric reclining sofa and love seat. They would fit better in the bigger house. So I guess I wait and see, and keep dreaming and pinning things I like. Like an undermount sink.

One thing with the houses, the smaller one comes with AC, all 5 appliances and hardwood on the main floor. The bigger house comes with the hardwood, and the 5 appliances, but no AC. I guess I'd better figure out how much that will cost too. They are both in the same school area for Jackson's school, so no need to change school or daycare. Both also have lots of wall spaces to create a cat area, I want to catify the house I buy, put up shelves and such for the kitties to use. Two of the 3 I have now love to climb, the other ones likes to as well but he's a bit big and has a harder time doing so. I'll need to figure out litter boxes too. Right now there are a couple in the basement and one on each floor in the powder room and guest room, places that don't get used much. I think we'll have to upgrade, perhaps to some type of automatic one, and perhaps some kind of hidden box.

I've been trying to be more active, walking to get kiddo after school, trying to get some basic body weight training in. So far it's going ok. The walking is good, it also helps him burn some more energy off, and get us both some fresh air. The problem of course is the weather. We have a polar vortex coming in, so it's cooled off again, and supposed to rain/snow whatever a few days this week. But as long as we get at least two days, and I'd really prefer 4, I think we're doing ok. I have been stopping for groceries and whatnot on my way home, I think it's all helping me use less gas for the car too, I don't know that it's a huge difference, but it is helping!

I've been angry more lately too. I'm not sure if it's all work stress, I don't care for my job right now, or something else. I lose my temper a lot, especially at kiddo's bedtime. I hate bedtime. Tonight was a little better, but he stayed up a lot later, so I get much less "me" time. And I am an introvert by nature who needs that alone time. If I have to push his bedtime later, I'll have to get up much earlier, or something, I don't know! I guess I'd better figure something out, stay up later, get up earlier, something. I do take about 30 minutes after work before I leave to get him, but it's enough time to start dinner, clean up the kitchen a bit, maybe get the groceries. I am hoping the sunshine, fresh air, and exercise, will help. Also vacation, it's coming up. Seven weeks tomorrow we fly down. I cannot wait.

Tomorrow we clean the main floor, I am tired of tripping over toys and not being able to see the floors. At least that's what it feels like. I hope he will agree to pack some up. Perhaps we will have some kind of garage sale this spring or summer, we have a lot of stuff we could get rid of. Baby stuff, kid stuff, even other stuff. We'll see. I normally sell stuff on line but some things would be better in a garage sale. Hopefully we'll get lots of stuff boxed up tomorrow and get this place cleaned up.