Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another nice weekend

We've had another nice weekend.  I know it's not over yet but so far so good.  Yesterday was errand day, with lots of stops at stores and then some cleaning.  We went to Timmies after dinner and Jackson had two timbits which he really enjoyed.  I had an iced coffee and a new lady at the cash who made me an iced cap instead... she fixed it but seemed quite confused by it all.  Another lady was buying a dozen donuts and had to stand near our cash to choose them as we were on the donut side.  Jackson was quite upset that she was on our side but she was nice about it and had a little laugh at him.  It was cute, my boy knows his rules of line ups apparently, you stay in your line and don't cut in line. 

Today we went to a splash pad in Barrhaven, with a nice park there too.  Jackson took awhile to warm up to the water but did get quite wet in the end.  We met up with Missy and Emmerson.  Missy is my parent's best friends daughter, we grew up hearing about one another but never really met until I had Jackson and she had Emmy and we were both off on mat leave at the same time.  Now we hang out with kids in tow, and she is quite nice.  She has a baby boy as well, Cooper, so two under two, though Emmy is now just over 2 so I guess you can't say that any more.  She does have her hands full as her husband often travels for work so she's left with the two kids, and she is the type who needs some me time, she used to do iron man triathlons so is a big runner/biker/swimmer and prefers those activities in solitude.  Any way.  Jackson and Emmy played quite well together at the park, they share better when on neutral ground, if they are at one another's homes there is a territorial nature to their play.  Some kids from Jackson's daycare are actually neighbours with Emmy now, so we will be going over there for a big play date so Jackson can see his old friends. They are no longer going to his daycare so he hasn't seen them in awhile, and the older girl was one he has a bit of a crush on, always wanting to hug her... very cute.

Next weekend we go to my parent's for about 5 days.  I think a week is a bit too long, 5 days should be good.  Jackson has big plans, he wants to go the french fry restaurant (food court in the mall), buy a snowplow (go to the toy store), get a skippy stone (from a Stella and Sam episode, stone is from the beach), go for ice cream, walk down to see the boats on the water, and play.  All the usual stuff really.  Hopefully the weather cooperates and we're able to get it all in. 

My little female cat was limping quite a bit, so I finally had the time and money to get her to the vet.  They said she sounds like she has arthritis, and was compensating for her sore end by pulling up with her front, and pulled something in her elbow.  Thus the limping.  They gave her some medicine to help her feel better and let the elbow heal, and I've got her on a glucosamine supplement, and have bought her senior cat food.  This is tricky because I also have a fat cat who needs to go on a diet.  But since the little one (who is 6lbs) can no longer jump up on the dresser to get to the big boy's food (he's 20lbs at least) I have started giving him diet food.  And I made a cat feeding box, which I call Mea's Cafe.  I took a clear storage bin and cut an opening in it just big enough for her and not him.  I covered the cut plastic with some foam stuff you get to wrap around pipes (the plastic was sharp) and lined the box with an old towel because it was slippery inside.  Now she can eat in peace, her own food, and he can go on a diet.  They still get canned food twice a day, which she mostly eats, and which I pick her up to get to as I can't put it on the floor or the dog will eat it all.  And we'll see how it goes.  I expect she will not make it too much longer though, she sleeps a lot now, can't jump like she used to (she's a climber) and is a bit sad overall.  I am hoping she'll get better but will not let her suffer. She has lost most of the muscle in her hind end, and her elbow is still sore.  But she still likes to cuddle and is doing better.  Hopefully the new food, supplements and time will help her adapt.  She's only 10 or 11 (got from the humane society so not sure her real age) which is not old really, for an indoor cat.  In any case, we're adapting and hopefully she has a few more years in her. 

Riley and Mea waching the squirrels in the fall


Snickers - look at his belly!