Saturday, July 12, 2014

Elsa and the cats

Elsa is doing well. She is getting along with the boys, but she is definitly rowdy. I have to confine her at night or I wouldn't get any sleep. Hopefully that's only for another week or so. Jackson is still in love with her, she is very playful and they have a lot of fun playing together. She did ok while we were gone for a week, my sister came to check on the cats all week. Apparently she was quite lonely, but I'm not so sure. She was happy to see us of course but she was very playful with the boys too. She annoys them sometimes but they do play back, and she still cuddles with them both as well.

Sleeping with Joshua

Sleeping with Snickers

We had a nice time at my parent's but heard a lot of "you're so mean!" and "you aren't my friend any more!". He was quite defiant whenever anyone told him to do something he didn't want to, or not do something he wanted to do. Like climbing all over my parent's furniture. He ate pretty well, we had ice cream a few times. Went to the beach once, went into town twice to do some shopping. Celebrated Canada Day by watching the parade then going to the park for the festivities. We stopped for ice cream cones on the way back then my dad took him to the dock to look at the boats and I got to go home. They also went fishing one afternoon, caught a bunch and threw them all back of course.

So far summer has been nice. Only really two weeks done I guess. Still 6 or 7 to go. We have another week scheduled for my parents. But I think we'll only go down for 5 days this time, I would love to do some stuff around here too. We have passes for the dinosaur museum to use, and we could go to a petting zoo or two. Lots of parks of course. We went to the park today and Jackson made a friend with a little 6-year-old boy who was there with his grandmother. They had a lot of fun playing for an hour or more. The grandmother was very nice, we chatted for the whole time. She told me about how when her son was little she contacted the local high school for a volunteer tutor and how the two bonded. It was an interesting idea. I would like to find some babysitters for him, she suggested I contact the high school as they may have some ideas. I'll have to investigate in the fall when school starts up again.

Daycare in the summer is more fun. They have activities for many days, and lots of fun stuff. Last week they went on the bus to a park. It was apparently a lot of fun, Jackson enjoyed it a lot. He and a few other boys went into the men's room where Jackson discovered urinals for the first time. The teacher said she went in to get the boys as they were taking a long time, and found Jackson sitting in one.  Between thinking "gross" and laughing, it was pretty funny. I have told my dad he has to take Jackson into a men's room next time we go down so he can figure it out.

Work is work. My boss has moved to a new position, we're now reporting directly to his boss until she can find someone to replace him. Kind of annoying, but understandable. Hopefully it's not too long before there is someone else. And at least I still have a good job. I can always try to find a new position if I want to, once things get settled.

Still planning our cruise and trip, I can't wait! We'll get our passport process started next week. I need to get our photos done then make sure my friend has hers so she can be our guarantor. I'm waiting for Disney to post pricing for January as well. We plan to stay on site for two nights, get in Friday, go to downtown disney for dinner and some shopping, then Saturday go to Animal Kingdom for the day. Sunday we get on the boat. I'm so excited I am planning more trips. But of course more trips means no baby number 2, which I think I am over but not 100% sure of. We'll see what happens I guess.