Sunday, July 31, 2011

the haircut

My little boy was born with a lot of hair.  He's had about 6 haircuts up to today, 3 at hairdressers, and 3 by me.  He's always been really good about it, sits still and likes to watch, tries to see what I'm doing.  Today was a completely different kid.  He flipped out!  I mean he was screaming crying, sobbing.  It was not fun, and I felt bed doing it but I thought after the first swipe with the clippers he'd be ok, but he wasn't. Of course then I had no choice but to finish!  He does look adorable but all evening it's been yelling at the chair he sat in for the hair cut, saying "baby crying" and "bad Mommy".  I almost wish he couldn't talk lol.  He was very tired, so I'm sure that contributed to the meltdown.  He was very tired all evening, and very mad at that chair lol.  I had to put it away so he couldn't see it any more.  He fell asleep pretty quickly though, so hopefully by tomorrow we'll be ok.  And perhaps we need to do haircuts a little more often, or let him grow it out?  :-)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Busy days, and bumps on the head

Life has been busy lately, it seems like the days and nights are just flying by!  I've had a few vacations down to see my parents, Jackson always seems to end up sick when we go down there, but it's still nice to go.  He loves being there but is find with leaving so it's interesting to me to watch.  He's been learning and growing so fast.  He knows his colours quite well, his favourite is YELLOW!!! as he screams whenever he sees it.  Love it.  Problems occur when I do things like wear a purple bra and he sees it, then proceeds to look for it when we are out and about... yeah that's fun :-)  But I still think he's doing amazingly well with learning all these things and am sure he's the smartest little boy ever ;-)

Today was a bit difficult. Things were pretty much normal, went to work and all that good stuff.  Then I got a phone call from daycare, she never calls.  Apparently Jackson fell off the couch at her place and landed on the back of his head.  He then threw up, she's a nurse so of course she called me. I was getting my things together to go get him when she called again... he was staring into space and acting dazed.   So I got to her place as quickly as possible... and he was fine.  He apparently had snapped out of it pretty quickly and was watching the books and playing. I stayed for about an hour or so, watched him start eating lunch, and then left him there.  She said he seemed fine and she'd keep an eye on him. Being a nurse, I thought she'd have a better idea of what to watch for, and didn't want to take him to the hospital for observation. 

I love having a daycare provider who is a nurse, it is a relief to know he's in good hands.  When he was coming out of the staring she did some tests with him, checked his eyes and ears, hand grip, asked him some questions.  It was interesting because she did things I never would have thought of.  So I am very relieved.  I will probably still wake him up when I go up to bed to make sure he's ok, but he seems to be fine now, thank goodness.  It was one of those moments when it would be nice to have someone around to lean on, it  was stressful for me, worrying, and then relieved that it was all ok. 

We've been having a good summer other than the illnesses, and the bumps and bruises. Last week was very hot, but we survived.  A trip to the beach made me realize he really needs some swimming lessons, so we'll be signing up for some in September.  After that we'll see if it's more swimming or gymnastics.  Funny thing, I think he's going to be a dancer. There's a part of one of his videos where the little boy in black tap dances across the screen, well every time Jackson sees it he gets up and stomps his way just like the little boy.  It's too cute, and makes me want to sign him up for dance classes!  Time will tell I guess.

Still thinking of what to do about number 2, I really want another baby and time is ticking, but I'm trying to focus on money, and getting in shape.  I'm still not sure if I want to start trying this fall or wait another year.  I am really enjoying Jackson right now, it's nice the two of us, and I know that'll change quite a bit, but I still want that change.  So I'll wait for now, and see what happens.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Lovely long weekend

We're back home from a long weekend visit to my parent's.  Daycare was closed today as well so we just got back today.  Back to work tomorrow sadly.  It was a nice trip but poor baby got a cold, so we didn't get to go to the beach, I was a little disappointed by that but we'll have to go back I guess.  I also had a bit of a cold so it was nice to be down there and able to get some good sleep.  Nanny got up with the baby so I got to sleep all night.  Except of course I'm so used to being up in the middle of the night I got up to pee any way.  Still it was nice.  The AC was great too... it's hot here!

My parent's got a sandbox for the boy, bigger one that I have.  Not sure how much he'll get to use it since we don't go down that often, but he does like it any way so that was nice of them, and good for him.  He really enjoyed being down there with "Nana" & "Pockey" That should be Poppy as my nieces call him, but he can't quite say it so Pockey it is!  And 'Uke their dog (Duke).  It's very cute. 

Hopefully the baby sleeps well.  The first night down there he woke up once but then slept until 9am!!!!!  That does not happen. Ever.  The rest of the days he was up around 6 but my mom let him babble in his bed until 7.  She said he was reviewing the previous day, talking about the big truck, big pail, water, etc. 

And now we are home, and it's hot! The weather is warm and humid, summer has arrived I guess.  Work is air conditioned, but daycare is not.  I think he handles it a little better than I do though, and he's good about drinking lots of water. 

My cats are happy to see us.  They had lots of food and water left but of course they still think they're going to starve to death or something.  I am not sure if they will sleep with me or not, it's hot so probably not, but they missed us so maybe yes.  Be nice to have the bed to myself tonight, Riley shares the bed with  my at my parents. 

Any way!  Almost time for bed I think, I'm tired from the long drive, and still not feeling 100%.  So sleep would be good.