Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello 2016

A new year is beginning soon. I wonder what it will bring. This past year has been exciting. I turned 40. On a cruise ship! With my fabulous travelling companion, we had a wonderful time and I think that trip was the best week of the year. I also really enjoyed our summer together, having all of August off was really nice. I hope we are able to do that again this coming summer.

Jackson has changed and grown a lot over the past year. He has matured a lot, starting grade 1 was difficult at first but I would say it has been great for him. He has learned to read! Seriously. It is amazing to watch him learn and figure things out. I love how smart he is, except when he uses it against me. He remembers everything! And he is my life. He is a smart, fun, funny, active kid. I sometimes think I am not the best mother, but he is turning out to be a great kid so I must be doing something right. For 2016 I want to do better, to yell even less, to play more, to just enjoy being a mom.

We've had a difficult year with pets, lost poor Joshua and Riley. Brought home Kit Kat. He has recently been saying that he misses Riley. Or that he wants a new dog, one who is friendly and plays with him. I tell him we have to wait awhile longer. I think we will wait until we can buy a house and move, perhaps a dog, or perhaps another cat. I do love cats. Jackson does as well, he is so good with the cats, I think it is good for kids to have pets and he is so great with them, well the two youngest, not our old guy who runs away from him still. No plans for a new pet in 2016 but you never know.

Speaking of houses, I hope to buy in 2016. It greatly depends on if we finally get a new contract at work and I get some back pay and payouts. It would make for a down payment. What house we buy will be a great debate. I think we will stay in the same school zone. Jackson has made some good friends in school and I think it would be nice for him to keep them. It limits us quite a bit, since there are limited homes in the school zone. And fewer that would be in the budget. Which is another debate, do I get just what we need or what we would really want. Guess I have time to decide all of that!

I hope that 2016 will be filled with fun, and some travel, and perhaps a new job. Not sure what else. It doesn't really seem like a whole year has gone by. It is strange how quickly time seems to pass. Looking from one day to the next always with something else waiting to get done. I think for 2016 I want to slow down, to enjoy the moments. That is my goal.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Christmas Season

How did I forget about how busy this time of year is? From the start of December and getting ready for the birthday party, to getting ready for the big day, it is non-stop! I look forward to the weekends which seem to be slower than the weekdays for some reason. Only one week to go! I actually booked a few days off in order to get everything done, It doesn't seem like enough though. I hate feeling so overwhelmed by everything. The house is a disaster, there are so many toys all over the place, and I don't even know where to begin but it needs to get organized. So baby steps, starting this weekend. We don't really need to do anything this weekend, though if the weather is nice perhaps we'll get out for a bit.

Still no snow! Knock wood. I am not sad that we may actually have a green Christmas this year. I didn't hire a snowplow service this year, so I am glad for any extra days I get without having to shovel. It would be nice for kiddo to have to play in, but I am quite sure we'll get lots. Since the dog is gone the backyard would actually be fun to play in this year too.

My parents are coming to visit over the holidays, they will stay with my sister and her family, we have too many cats and my dad has allergies. Plus they don't like the way I keep house so it works out for the best. I prefer it really, I like my space and don't like to share. I have a hard enough time sharing with my kid. They will come for dinner on the 24th and come on the 25th to see Jackson with his gifts. Then we go to my sister's for dinner on the 25th. And hope she does something good. I am supposed to take dessert, which I will pick up on the 24th on my way home from work I think.

Jackson had a hard time deciding on what he wants this year, I am honestly not really sure what he does want from Santa, but I am sure he will love his gifts any way. I got myself a calendar and he made me something in school. I also did a stocking for myself, so there will be something for me. I would much rather watch him open his gifts, and see his eyes when he gets his presents. But if I don't have a stocking he will be suspicious.

I have one more day of work this week, am off until Wednesday, do a half day Thursday with Jackson at work (so no real work), then I'm off until January 4th. Jackson may go to day two days over the holidays, but we'll see. I don't think we'll be sledding this year, so perhaps we'll go to swimming or something. I am sure it will be so nice to just relax for a bit and not really do anything. For both of us!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

A 6th Birthday Party

Today we had Jackson's birthday party. We went back to Gym Tale as we have the past two years, and it was fun as always. They do a good party but I suspect this is the last time we'll be able to go there. The boys were a bit overwhelming. I am very glad the party was not at the house! There were 6 boys total, The party was supposed to be for 8, including the birthday boy, but we had two reply they couldn't come and two others who never replied. So 5 other kids and my own. My goodness they were active! There is a big play structure and they had 30 minutes to run around first. They were all sweaty and red faced by the end of that time. Then an obstacle course, ending with a ball fight against a monster. And after that the party room for pizza and cake. We didn't open the gifts there, but brought them home instead. He got a few good things! Some lego, dinosaur stuff, all things he will enjoy for sure.

His actual birthday is not until the 9th. We will head out for dinner that night. My parent's sent him a restaurant gift card so the meal is on him :-)  The day after he has a dentist appointment to get two cavities filled. Poor kid with his teeth. He is so good at the dentist though, he's had a checkup with temporary fillings put in, and a cleaning. He is much better about brushing after the checkup too. Hopefully no more cavities!

Things are going pretty well. He is doing well at school, he can read! It is a little bit weird to me. There have been some issues with his emotions, he is a very sensitive kid and kids are mean. So he gets teased and called a cry baby by some. We talk about it. I feel bad, since I am the same way. But of course I am a girl. We work on that, and on him not caring what other people think of him, or the things he likes. We write in an I Like Book every night, one thing I like about him and one thing he likes about himself. He also likes to put in one thing he likes about me. We have only just started but I think it will help. I hope it will any way.

Christmas is coming. We put the tree up today but will decorate it tomorrow. I wanted to give the cats a chance to get used to it, and see if they are going to try and knock it over! Especially Kit Kat who is a bit of a hooligan! The other two should be used to it of course. It is lit up, and looks lovely just like that, but we'll add some unbreakable ornaments to it tomorrow.

Next weekend we will go to a Christmas party and he'll sit with Santa. Do all that stuff. It will be fun, and we'll enjoy it. We didn't write a letter, again, I don't think we ever have. He isn't interested. We do have a darn elf on a shelf... I have remembered to move the silly thing every night so far, So far so good any way. He also has a toy advent calendar, which he loves. Though he is having a hard time waiting each day to open a box. Patience is not one of his best virtues. But he is a good kid, and he is my boy.