Monday, September 30, 2013


Basketball was a failure.  We tried one more time but it was a disaster, he wouldn't leave my side to play. So I pulled him out and we'll try again another time, perhaps in another year.  It is odd, since starting school he has been really cuddly.  He wants to spend his time snuggling with me, and no one else will do. Even when my parents were here, he wanted me to read stories and put him to bed. Every night he fights going to bed and wants me to come up and snuggle longer. Now don't get me wrong, I love cuddles with my boy, but it's getting a bit strange and I am sure there is something behind it, but I'm not sure what.

Today we got the first note from the teacher, apparently while playing at the sandbox Jackson hit another boy.  I know he gets a little more aggressive when he's tired.  So I'll chalk it up to that, and hope we get it better. We talk about using words instead of hands, and read books like "Hands are Not for Hitting".  But man this little boy has a temper. I know I do too, so perhaps he comes by it honestly. Whether genetics or example, I can't say. I do try and hold my temper, do all the things you are supposed to do, but I can be an aggressive driver and it comes out then.

Had a pet emergency last week. Came home to find blood all over the floor.  At first I thought it was one of the cats but then the dog was limping and had a bloody foot.  He had ripped one of his nails off, man they bleed a lot!  Called up the vet, they could see us right away, so I picked up Jackson quickly at daycare and rushed off to the vet.  That was costly.  Just that day I had been thinking I really need to have more in savings for emergencies.  Now I know I need to, so debt repayment is slowing a bit so that I can save and not need to use that for vet visits and things like that.  But it sucks any way. Poor puppy has a sore foot, took antibiotics and pain meds.  The bandage, which cost money of course, fell off before we got home. I rewrapped his foot twice before I gave up. I will say though, walking in the door to so much blood was not something I want experience again!

So bedtime, what a difficult thing. He knows the routine, but for some reason, now instead of going to sleep, he come out to find me and wants to snuggle.  But he doesn't really want to, because when I try he gets all antsy and can't sit still. Eventually he settles down and finally goes to sleep.  It is an earlier bedtime than it used to be.

Other than the earlier bedtime, and time after work before I get kiddo, I am not sure I made the right choice sending him to this new daycare/school situation. I think he's ready but not. It's all just a little much for me, and him. Big changes and we are adjusting but it's difficult. I am sure it will all work out fine, but I have to say I wish I could win the lottery so I could home school.

I hope to have my debts paid off, credit improved and a down payment by 2015, when I should be able to buy a house.  I wish I could buy one right now but I know I need to wait, have no choice but to wait. Two years isn't that long, right?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A school dilemma I'm at a loss to solve

Jackson has been doing well since school started up.  He is obviously tired (and upstairs actually having a nap right now!) and it is a big change.  One of the boys he talks about is Dante.  According to Jackson, Dante is a bad boy and they are not friends.  I know Jackson has a temper, he has had issues with biting in the past, and hitting, especially when he's tired.  I don't want him to be fighting in school, or daycare.  Apparently Dante is in the daycare but the other kindergarten class, so they are apart for 3 hours during the day.

Today we met up with some new friends at a play gym, and Dante happened to be there.  Jackson did not want to play with him but Dante was very interested in him.  We left to go to McDonald's for lunch with our new friends, they have a play area. So after the kids ate they got to go climb.  Dante again showed up.  Jackson was not happy about this but he was doing ok at first.  Then I noticed Dante was right in Jackson's face, grabbing him, pulling him close, not letting him "get away".  And knowing my son I went to intervene because I didn't want him hitting!  So I went in to get between them but Dante ignored me completely, I ended up having to pick up Jackson so he could get away.  At this point Dante's mom came in the room as well (the play area is behind glass) and spoke to Dante to leave Jackson alone.  They went off into the tunnels.  A few minutes later Dante came out crying.  Jackson had bit him.  His mom took him away, didn't say anything to me.  Jackson eventually reappeared, and we also left.

But I am concerned.  I think Dante likely has some form of Asperger's or autism of some form and doesn't understand personal boundaries. He likes Jackson and so wants to be near him when playing. He doesn't understand this is not appropriate and Jackson doesn't like it. I understand completely that this is a mental health issue, that it's a disability and needs to be accommodated.  But I am not sure how to help Jackson deal with it. I obviously don't want him biting, hitting or otherwise tormenting Dante, but he also shouldn't have to defend himself from the invasion of his personal space.

I plan to speak to the teachers at daycare on Monday.  I assume they will have some ideas, and I will speak to Jackson and try to help him understand.  It is hard, Jackson is a big boy for his age, he is also still only 3, and he has a temper.  So we are going to work on it of course. But I actually find it easier to help him deal with the little girl in a wheelchair in his class, who can't speak or walk (and so has to play sitting down!), than this particular issue. I don't want to turn him into a bully, but I also want to protect his personal space.  We'll see I guess, how we manage to get through this!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Staggered Start, finally the first day!

Jackson had his first actual school day today.  I dropped him off at daycare as usual, and they took him over to the classroom around 9:10 am and he spent the morning there. They read the Kissing Hand, and did a little hand print art thing.  I have no idea what else they did as Jackson was rather upset it was only half a day and he wanted to spend more time there. I guess that is a good thing!  But it was a little anti climatic for him I guess.  He was very tired, this whole change has been quite draining on him, tonight he went up to bed at 7, after a mild tantrum due to being over tired. He did fall asleep very fast.  I think he`s got a bit of a cold too, which is not a good thing!  My parents are coming to visit this weekend, and we have the first indoor soccer day on Saturday. It`s going to be busy, and I just have to hope he gets enough sleep. I am sure in another few weeks we`ll be all sorted out and back on track.

Lunches are actually going well. He is eating what I send, and hasn`t complained, yet!  Tomorrow is tricky, it was pouring rain so no lunch meat for a sandwich. I could make him tuna but he already had it once this week and I don`t like to serve it too often.  Probably going to be a crackers and cheese meal. I am glad he likes his fruit and veggies.  The funny thing is some parent`s on facebook are complaining about having to get pizza lunches for their kids at school, every week!  At least with the half days I don`t have that issue.  So far any way. I hope not at all, I don`t know if I could really say no. Though he`s not that fond of pizza in most cases any way. He does like his sandwiches, and fruits.  I have been told not to send cookies, this was my son telling me!  It was pretty funny.  So not more cookies at school, though he sure asks for them at home!

I am sure it`s the being tired, but he sure has gotten some attitude! He says and does things now that he didn`t used to, I`m sure it`s needing more sleep, but it makes me wonder.  Is this my little boy who was all smiles and just learning how to walk!  He is so grown up.  It makes me a little bit sad.

First day of school. He didn`t want to be smiling in the picture

Friday, September 6, 2013

One week down...

Well the first week is done!  The next two are going to be difficult.  Today we finally got to meet the teacher.  Jackson liked the classroom and the teacher, he had a lot of fun building a train track.  But then it was over and time for daycare and he was rather put out that he didn't get to finish building the train, and didn't get to stay at school!  He wants to go badly, and has to wait until Thursday for his day (morning really), then not start daily until the following Tuesday!  Add in the fact it's immersion so he'll spend one week in the English classroom with that teacher, then switch to the French for the following week, in another classroom with another teacher. It's going to take awhile to get him used to it.  As shown today, he doesn't handle disruption to his schedule very well.  He was out of sorts all day, the one teacher mentioned it to me on pick up. He didn't nap, didn't eat most of his lunch, and was just generally cranky.  Leading to a full blown hitting/biting/screaming fit when I mentioned it was bedtime because someone was tired.  Yeah, he hasn't done that in ages!  Way over tired.  Hopefully he sleeps well tonight, and in tomorrow morning (ha ha ha).

I am also exhausted!  It's been a long week, for a short week.  The first day I picked him up, he complained he didn't get to play outside, so the second day I went home and walked the dog first.  I was still too early. Apparently the dog and I are going to be getting a lot of walking in, and dinner will be later than it was before, since we actually get home closer to 5 than 4:30 like we used to!  Crazy. I feel bad leaving him in care for the extra time but he doesn't seem to care and enjoys it. Today may have been too much for him, he was very tired, but I didn't know that until I picked him up.

So yes, daycare/school is going well so far. I am glad of that, and look forward to getting a good routine and some stability.  The exercise is nice, and is helping the dog quite a bit too!

Ok - off topic but I'm watching House Hunters while I write this... these people are looking at HUGE homes for $200k or so. Here that would buy you a one bedroom condo if you are lucky.  Nuts.  I preferred the one before this though, the international one, they were buying a house in Tahiti.  Yeah I'd live there!  I really need to win the lottery ;-)  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day at the New Daycare

Today went really well, for Jackson. I was worried the whole day that he would be upset or put off by the change but when I picked him up I was told not to come so early next time and he was having a lot of fun.  He was the first kid to get dropped off, I thought there would be other kids there that early but I guess not. Oh well!  He likes to be first so that's ok.  The next kid to arrive was a grade 4 kid? Somewhere around there, a boy, named Jack.  Who Jackson now tells me is his only friend.  Uh huh.  He just doesn't remember anyone else's name.  Though there was a kid in a white shirt.

He didn't eat the snack I sent, which is fine, they haven't started the kindergarten side of things yet so I get it. He at his sandwich, fruit and animal crackers.  He didn't eat his tomatoes and when I asked him why he said it was because no one else had them.  Strange.  He must have eaten the provided snacks because he wasn't starving when I got him home.  He asked for a grilled cheese tomorrow, so that's all done up and in the fridge.  Yeah it'll be a cold one!  With some mango and a snacky treat of some sort.  I'm sure he'll be ok with that.  And I will come home after work, walk the dog and then go get him.  I want him to have fun and enjoy it, and to make new friends, so I'll give him some time to do that.

All in all, it went well and I am happy with the decision to move him, quick as it was.  Now I just need work to sort itself out.  I got a new team due to some team shuffling, this was at the beginning of the summer.  All summer I have been talking to my new team, asking what's going on, what needs doing, who needs help, etc.  But am constantly told "nothing" and so it goes.  Well, tragedy struck and the husband of one of my team passed away suddenly.  No one is sure when she'll return to work, and I have to pick up the work. With no idea what she was doing. I truly feel bad for her, she has 3 boys at home, youngest I think is starting grade 9 or so.  She's originally from another town and they were visiting there for the long weekend when it all happened, so that adds to the drama of it.  Hopefully I'll be able to figure out what's going on and pick up the slack.  I'm sure my boss, who was off all summer for medical reasons, thinks I'm useless.  Talk about added stress!  I think the after work walks with be a big help for me.

Tomorrow is another day, and lunches are ready, clothes are picked out, and everything is all set.  Except taking the garbage out tonight.  I should really go do that!

Monday, September 2, 2013

School starts in the morning!

Well sort of.  Tomorrow is Jackson's first day at the daycare in the school, but we don't meet the teacher until Friday, and he doesn't do his first day until the following week, after which he will start in the classroom.  But it is still a big change for us, the new routine, me making lunches! and the new location.  He is nervous, he says he doesn't want to go, the excitement has worn off I guess, but he will be fine. He is pretty good at making friends, and knows the daycare/school rules (such as we share everything! for any Robert Munsch fans), he is good about sharing and taking turns.  His hitting has greatly decreased, and seems to only pop up when he is overly tired, hungry or really stressed.  So tomorrow should be fun.

We had a great long weekend at my parent's.  Last trip until Thanksgiving in October.  I think Jackson was ready to come home because he is a little worried about school starting.  He certainly got up very early everyday we were there, and is quite tired now. We'll try and have an early night, with a bath to get him clean for his first day.  Is it wrong that I don't have a fancy back to school outfit planned or picked out?  We have the backpack, and a lunch box.  I made a lunch, and a snack.  Of course I don't think it fits very well in the lunch box, and we may need a better one of those!

For lunch I made a sandwich, some pineapple, tomatoes from our garden and a pack of animal crackers.  Snack is some rice crackers, beef jerky and some craisins.  All dried stuff!  We get our produce box on Wednesday so it'll be easier to do fruit then.  I didn't get to pick anything up this weekend because we were out of town.  I am very glad he doesn't need any school supplies yet, though that may change over the week, who knows!  I hope not though.  Oh, milk and water are provided on the daycare side, where he'll be spending the whole day tomorrow.  But I do have a water bottle for him and will send it.  And of course there will be ice packs in with the lunch.  Though most of it is not really going to go bad.

I think I am more nervous that Jackson is. This will be a big change, and even the route I take to work, and my schedule are going to change.  I am hoping that I will be able to work 7:30 to 3:30 and get home around 4, then be able to take the dog for a walk/run. Though this means Jackson will be in care from 7 until 4:40 or so, which is an hour longer than the old place.  I feel a little guilty over that, but I know that the dog is in serious need of exercise and training.   It could change once it gets colder any way :-)  I am not good in the cold and snow!

To get ready for school we've been reading The Kissing Hand, which is a great little book.  I am not sure if it will help or not, but I am hopeful that when he misses me he will remember it.  I highly recommend it for any kids going off to any care situation.