Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long day with a tired kiddo

The weather started out pretty good this morning so I decided to take us on a little hike. It's about a 5k or so loop and normally takes us an hour to do.  About 20 minutes into it Jackson wanted up.  I had brought my fabulous preschool sized kinderpack so I flipped him up on my back and away we went.  Now if I had been thinking I would have turned around then since we weren't even at the half way point, but I thought he was just needing a little break and would want to walk again.  He didn't.  I carried him about 40 minutes, my back was a little sore, he is 34 or so pounds so he is heavy.  My carrier was awesome though, it really shifts the weight into my hips and legs so it's not pulling down on my shoulders. 

I'm not sure why he was so tired today, he had a good sleep last night and it was still well before nap time when we went hiking.  He had a big nap after lunch too, close to 4 hours.  And after a bath he fell asleep pretty easily tonight.  So hopefully he's not sick again because I am so out of leave it's not funny.  And we're going to my parent's Friday for the long weekend.  I'll pick him up after lunch at daycare, he should be pretty tired and ready for a nap after playing all morning and having a good lunch. 

I had a nap today too, and the puppy who came with us on the walk is currently snoring on the couch, and had a big nap as well.  He's not used to such a long walk, not for awhile any way.  I've had to start using the halti on him again though because he's pulling a lot again.  We did obedience classes before Jackson was born but he didn't ever really get the no pull walk.  He will sit, and down, especially if there is a treat offered, but he pulls constantly.  Jackson will never be able to walk him.

Overall it was a good weekend, didn't spend any money (have none to spend lol) and we got out to enjoy the nice weather quite a bit.  It's raining now and is supposed to continue for a couple days.  Means I don't have to water my garden which is nice.  Speaking of my garden, my tomato plants are going awesome, the carrots seem to have disappeared, the swiss chard is sad looking, I may try that again after the hottest part of summer.  My cucumbers were eaten by squirrels and only two bean plants made it. The pepper plant is hanging in there but doesn't seem to be growing much.  I do have some lettuce that seems to be doing well.  I also have a few calla lilies in my pots that are blooming, I guess the squirrels missed those.  I do love calla lilies, they are so pretty!

A short work week, then a nice long weekend.  I hope we have a good time at my parent's place, and are able to go to the beach.  The short week will be nice for his first in the preschool room.  I am hopeful that it goes well and he adjusts quickly, but I know my kid and anticipate some crying and perhaps a tantrum or two.  I really hope they listen to me about the potty training, which did not happen at all this weekend.  If the weather is nice we'll be outside a lot this weekend, so that'll be good for hanging out in underpants outside. 

Starting in July I'm moving to a cash budget system, well a hybrid of one any way.  I will be using envelopes, mostly because the jars I see on Til Debt Do Us Part would be too hard to carry around.  I have my categories all sorted out and a plan to pay off my small debt, and save for a house and a few other things.  I am also going to be saving for Christmas.  I plan to use my ING savings account, which I haven't used in many many years, to save for that, and a couple other things that are yearly purchases.  I'm combining a few different ideas and am hoping it will go well.  I will need to show some restraint, and to say no to my baby.  He usually asks for a toy when we go to certain stores, but when I look around the living room it isn't like he needs any!  I need to stop shopping.  I am a shopaholic.  Extreme shopaholic.  I need a replacement for that.  Maybe I can do a workout when the urge to shop strikes... I'd lose weight for sure! :-) 

And that's that for now.  Rambling post I guess but just stuff to get out.  Time for me to go to bed shortly, kiddo is sound asleep and it's a big day for him tomorrow. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Picnic at the Park

Today has been a good day so far, the weather is fabulous and we met up with the SMC group in Ottawa for a picnic at Sandy Hill park.  It was a lot of fun though I spent more time chasing Jackson than being able to chat with anyone unfortunately.  He was pretty good but at the end was not listening so it was time to come home.  I didn't know they have a wading pool there so didn't take his swimsuit, so he didn't get to get wet.  I know now and it wasn't that hard to get to so we may go back. It was quite a nice little park.  I'm sure there are similar in our area, closer to home, but I have to find them!  We normally stick to our little hidden park that he enjoys, we can walk there in just over 20 minutes so we take the dog, play at the park then walk home.  I am thinking of trying the bike out after nap time, to head to that little park for some playing.  But it will depend on what time he wakes from his nap at.

Some pics of him enjoying himself

driving the train

on the toddler sized slide

on the tire swing
 He also enjoyed digging in the dirt and going down the big slide with mommy, though mommy's butt got a little burned so we only did that twice.

It was nice to see the other mommy's and kids as well, a few are either trying for 2, in the process of having their second or already have two.  It was inspiring to see and makes me more determined to make that work for me. 

Work is work, and my acting promotion was extended so the extra money will be coming in for an additional month, which is great and will hopefully build up my savings towards my goal. 

Daycare is going well, he moves up to the preschool room on Monday and yesterday they gave me a list of things he'll need that I wasn't prepared for, so had to spend extra money which rather annoys me.  And then there was some issue with training pants, they want him in pull ups, I don't use disposables, and he's been wearing underwear in the toddler room for two weeks now, so why are we going backwards.  His toddler room teacher was nice, and told me that I am his mother and to say what I want them to do.  Which is underpants.  I'll make sure to leave a few extra pairs of underpants and shorts there, I do any way, and will expect accidents, but if they are consistent with getting him to sit on the potty, there shouldn't be an issue.  I will have to be on top of it here, which so far hasn't gone well.  I am hoping next weekend at my parent's will be good, he will likely be out in their backyard a good portion of the day, or at the beach, so underwear it will be!  Plus I got a piddle pad for the car seat so won't have to worry about that either. It should be delivered Monday or Tuesday (had to order it online as it's been out of stock at the local stores forever).

And that's our time so far :-)  He's napping, I'm considering one myself, though I have a lot of chores I should be doing.  Always chores to do though... don't always have time to nap. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lovely weekend, sick baby

The weather this weekend is pretty amazing.  It's hot and a bit humid but sunny and would be nice to get out to the park, for a walk, maybe a bike ride.  But here I am at 6:40 and my baby is asleep and has been for about an hour or so already.  He has a fever and while it comes down with Advil quite quickly I hate to keep him on medicine all the time, I believe a fever has a purpose and if he is still drinking, and able to sleep, I don't want to medicate him. I gave him a dose this morning so we could get a few things done, and because he was whiny and didn't want to sleep but was sleepy.  We got our groceries done among a few other things, and have been just hanging out watching TV, movies and relaxing.

My plans for the weekend had been to bike to the park this morning and then this after to go for a "ride" on his new balance bike.  But here I am with my kid already asleep, totally not used to him being up there so early. It's been over a month since we moved his bedtime to 8 from 7, and even longer since it was 6:30.  So I just don't really know what to do with myself!  I have some silly tv show on and am thinking I might have time to watch a movie from my PVR. Interesting thought. 

I guess it's good he's sick this weekend, we have plans for the next couple so we'll get this over with and move on.  But he can't be sick this week because I have to go to work on Tuesday, there are some big changes coming at work and I am concerned about what my job and future will be like.  I really need to be there, so he has got to be up for daycare!  Hopefully this fever is just a couple days of misery and we'll be back to healthy by Monday. 

Speaking of daycare, Jackson is moving up to the preschool room June 26th.  I'm sure he's ready but I'm not sure I am!  It'll probably take him a week or so to adjust, it might take me longer.  The preschool room has new teachers, a new schedule, and a ratio of 1 teacher to 8 kids instead of 5 like in the toddler room. But it also has bigger toys, big kid toys, more room in the play yard, more kids to play with, a lot of them he knows from the toddler room, and I imagine the potty training will really pick up.  He has been doing really well with that at daycare but we are still having a lot of accidents at home, I'm going to need a new area rug when this is done :-)  It will be interesting to see how I adjust lol, the preschoolers are usually outside still when I come to pick him up.  That will change in November as my office is moving further from the daycare, but for now it will be interesting to try and get him to leave that fun.  I might just adjust my schedule to add half an  hour at the end of the day, and be able to leave 2 hours earlier on Fridays... we'll see!

Well we have some vomit now, I think from the fever more than anything.  It's been two weeks since I had the flu or food poisoning so I can't imagine this is the same thing, but you never know.  But he's going back to sleep, I tried to get some Advil in him but I think that might have set off the throwing up, so I'll wait to try again.  Big sigh. 

I have been looking at the area I want to buy a house in, it's not in the same city technically so the subsidy I have for daycare wouldn't be the same, however they do have a program there that I might qualify for.  And there seem to be home daycares that are a big less than around here.  They also have daycares in the schools, I believe more than just before and after care so that would be great for a number 2, drop them both off at the same place, pick them up at the same place.  Close to home because it's a small town.  But it is a little more French than I'm used to, I don't speak French at all though it would be wise to learn given my job and the fact I still want to move up.  And it would be good for Jackson to learn, and easier in such a community and in a French school.  But that also scares me a bit.  Sometimes I think I'd like to move back to the smaller town near my parent's but I wouldn't have the same job there so it's not really an option.  Not right now any way. 

And in the T42 front, I still have weight to lose before I want to try, I have days where I wonder if waiting another year would be good.  As it is I'll be 38 when number 2 arrives, what is one more year?  But I know that it gets harder and I know my mom went through menopause earlier, and my sister who is 5 years older than me is starting... so that clock is ticking.  I will be getting tests done later this summer, after holidays and such, and hopefully I will be another 15 to 20 lbs lower, closer to goal.  Closer to "healthy".  I have been working on working out, and on eating healthier, more veggies, more lean meats, less carbs, less sugar and refined crap.  For Jackson too. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Touch a Truck 2012

Today was a fun day, well morning I guess since the day is really only half done.  We went to the big Touch a Truck event and Jackson had a lot of fun.  He loves trucks of all types, and knows what they all are, do not get it wrong because he will correct you.  Where did he learn this stuff?  Mostly from various mighty machines videos and some books. 

The event is annual, apparently this is the 5th year or something.  We didn't go last year because I thought he was too little, but there were kids there younger than him this year.  People were very nice, he got lifted into the big trucks by firemen, army men, city workers, and a farmer.  He enjoyed it all, but did not smile for any pictures.  We missed out on a few of the trucks, by the time we got to them the lineups were too long and he did not want to wait.  When we left he informed me he was very sad.  We stopped for some fast food which lifted his spirits, surprising how french fries do that to us both ;-) and we made it home before he fell asleep.  He is now upstairs in his bed, playing with his city sweeper and fire truck, instead of napping.  I hope the nap comes soon though, he is tired. 

It was a hot, sunny day, which was good and bad.  It got very hot out there in the parking lot in the sun, but it was better than being wet in the rain or something.  We went inside as well, they had motorcycles and face painting.  He did not want his face painted so got a car painted on his arm instead.  In purple.  He refused to see the lizards, I'm not sure what he thinks they are but we'll go to Little Ray's one day this summer and hope it's not a disaster.

Some pics... you can see he did not smile at all.

Driving a snowplow

A city sweeper truck

In the airport firetruck with a fireman

on a Ducati

In the back of an army truck

In an army jeep
 No smiles, but he really did have a lot of fun.  We'll go back next year, try to get there even earlier (we were there about 20 minutes before they opened) and mommy will know to get to the "good" trucks first.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Being Sick and Having Support

Since my son was born I haven't needed a lot of help.  There have been times I would have liked help but we always managed without asking.  It is nice to know that when I need it though, my family is there for me.  I was sick a couple months ago and my brother in law came and took my son for the afternoon, it let me rest, and while Jackson also came down with that flu it had allowed me to rest so I could care for him. 

The past few days have been rough.  I believe I've had food poisoning.  Based on nothing staying down, losing about 6 pounds in 3 days and my general cannot move I'm too tired-ness.  I am finally feeling better but it was a rough go.  It started on Sunday afternoon and after throwing up in front of him once I managed to wait until he was in bed to finish that.  I stayed home from work Monday but still had to get him to daycare, that was not fun since he isn't quite at a point where he can dress himself, so I had to lift him up, do that kind of thing.  And I was tired.  I slept most of the day, thought I was better and went to bed early any way.  Tuesday morning I woke up in worse shape.  Getting him to daycare was nothing short of a miracle.  I knew by mid-day that I could not pick him up, it wasn't safe for me to be driving and I was simply too sick.  I called my sister who was amazing, she picked up the car seat from me, went to get him and took him to her place until about 7:30.  I am feeling much better now, we'll see how it goes with food but I am taking that slowly. 

Days like these make me wonder how I would manage two on my own, especially since I plan on moving quite a bit further from my sister in search of a home I can afford that isn't too far from my office.  I will need to cultivate some relationships wherever I end up so that I have people I can rely on there too.  When he was younger it wasn't as hard, he slept more and was easier to entertain.  As he gets older it will again get easier, he will be able to dress himself, and once in school will likely take the bus.  I am hopeful that things like this will not happen often, he's 2 1/2 now, and this is twice I've called for help.  I don't count begging my parent's to come visit when he was about 2 months old since that was more about being bored silly stuck in the house in February and they are his grandparents, shouldn't they want to come see their grandson? :-) 

I do have a friend who has also said if I need help to call her, she is off on her second mat leave "two under two", well one has turned two now but she still has her hands full for sure.  I will keep all of it in mind though and realize that people do want to help if they can. 

Now, cross your fingers I make it through today without throwing up at work.  I have about 1 sick day left, though I get another one in a week or so, they accrue slowly it seems!

On money news, I have a temporary promotion at work, which you would think is great news, but somehow I managed to mis-calculate things and my rent cheque bounced.  Being so sick I haven't been able to get to the bank to get that sorted out so I'll be doing that today, and it has been a giant wake up call that I need to actually follow my budget and now just think all is well.  As I tell my son "pay attention".  I believe, if I stick to it, and stop being stupid with my money, I can afford a house and everything else I want, but I need to be smart.  The promotion sounds nice but it's really just me doing all the work I've been doing, plus some more, just actually getting the pay that goes along with it.  And hopefully it will lead to a permanent promotion.