Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!  (in Canada).  We're at my parent's place to celebrate, and both Jackson & I are sick... however we are on the mend.  Jackson has been sick for almost two weeks, doctor said it's just a cold, but he hasn't been getting better.  He seems to finally be on the mend, some fresh air and lots of sleep seem to help.

We went apple picking yesterday and he seemed to quite enjoy it, he was pulling apples off the trees left right and centre!  Lots of fun.  He was quite the handful and I'm glad my parents were along to help wrangle him.  Today he went for a walk with my dad and I, to the park, and down to the dock to see the boats.  He loves watching the water and was chattering non stop the whole way.  He is a real chatterbox lately!  Tonight he also went out on the back deck to look at the moon with my dad.  He is suddenly dragging everyone around by their finger when he wants to go in a certain direction or do something specific.  It's cute, but also a little annoying lol.

Had a great turkey dinner, he ate turkey and gravy, mashed potatoes.  I enjoyed all the rest of the fixings as well.  And had a late dessert of apple cobbler, made from the apples we picked yesterday. Mmm mmm.  Lots of left overs to take home too :-)  Love leftover turkey! 

We'll go back home tomorrow mid-day, nap time. Hopefully I feel better because driving with a cold is not that much fun.  And it's a 3 hour drive.  But we'll manage, and the cats will be happy to see us home.  Then it's back to work Tuesday... yay?

On that note... bed time soon so I can hopefully get a good night sleep and feel better.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

That 19 kids show...

I have to admit, I love the show.  I'm not sure why, I mean they are not at all like my family, and I couldn't live like that.  I think it has to do with the fact the kids are so well behaved, well they seem to be at least lol. Every time I watch the show I want more babies... though I don't want a husband :-)  I told a friend, if I won the lottery, and won the big $50 million, I would have lots of kids.  I would like to have more even without winning the lottery lol, but probably not 19. 

They have some interesting ideals, but they also do some interesting things.  I mean besides all the travelling, they do play and have fun, and they are free to be kids.  Well the younger ones any way.  The older ones I think spend too much time taking care of the little ones.  I do think it's pretty amazing they have no debt, won their home and manage to be frugal, though I guess they have little choice in that, well perhaps now they do since they have the show and makes them quite a bit of money I'm sure.

I love that they do so much together as a family, and am jealous of the home schooling, and the number of kids :-)  But I couldn't do what they do, and I would do some things differently.  I have learned somethings from watching though, and find it fascinating.

In general I watch too much TV, and am on the computer/internet too much.  I let Jackson watch more than he should too, it's only recently that he is actually sitting and watching though.  And usually more so when he's tired.  I find it hilarious when he gets really into the shows and starts dancing and singing along, super cute!  Gosh I love that little boy.

I wish that I could follow some of the money ideas that the TV family, they seem to be really good at not spending too much (buying crap) and saving money.  I have managed to save buying new tires for my car, I was told if I get them rotated they should last at least another year... so that's $30 instead of $500... big savings!  But I do buy too much crap.  Stuff we don't need that I have to have.  My son has too many toys, I swore I wouldn't do that but I buy him things because I think he's so cute, and maybe he'll like it.  Books are ok, he can have lots of those.  I do love to read to him, and see him get it, understand what we're looking at, start to know what the letters and pictures are of.  But I have a lot of room for improvement.