Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh time change...

The time has changed, spring forward and all that crap.  Why we still do this I have no idea, it really messes up my kid, my pets, me!  The only benefit this morning was that Jackson's normally 6:30 wake up was suddenly really 7:30, which also left me feeling rushed all morning, like we were late everywhere we went.  We normally do our errands Saturday morning, leaving Sunday free to play and have a nice breakfast, but we had a birthday party to attend yesterday so that all got pushed to today.  For the first time at Walmart Jackson walked, didn't ride in the cart.  He's done it at the post office, which is in a drug store, but never at a big store before.  And he was really good.  I mean really. He held on to the cart and even in the toy section he paid attention to me and while he let go to walk down to look at the trucks, he didn't run off or anything.  I'm impressed with my little boy, I have a great kid (hopefully I'm still saying that after a few more trips lol).  He helped me put a few things in the cart, and then into the trunk when we got to the car.  But then he saw a puddle... and that was the only iffy bit, where he went to jump in it instead of listening to me.  But I grabbed his hand quickly and steered him away and back to the task at hand. So it was pretty good, I mean he is 2 and it is getting nice out, and he does love to jump and splash.

We stopped for McDonalds breakfast, he loves the burritos, and I got a mocha which was fabulous.  And then we came home, on the clock it was close to 11 but of course it wasn't really so he didn't want "lunch".  He did have a few bites of the burrito and then ate 4 clementines and then it was almost 1 and I took him  up for his nap.  Normally he goes down just after noon at daycare, and at home too for the most part... so that's what it really was to him.  Did he fall asleep?  Not quickly, it was almost 2 before he did.  Ach.  I will have to wake him up by 3:30 at the latest, which is still longer than he naps at daycare, but if he sleeps longer there is no way he'll go to sleep tonight, of course he isn't likely to any way... So I hate the time change. 

Spring is finally attempting to arrive though, the weather this weeks promises to be above 0 all week, and into the double digits even!  fabulous, and we'll be able to try out the new jogging stroller, though I'm not sure the ice/water will be gone enough for us to jog anywhere, we should be able to at least get out for a few walks, this afternoon for a start.  After I wake him up.  I'd love a nap myself but am trying not to do that as often. Not quite sure why...

The big trip this winter is still in planning, though I'm debating whether it's a good idea at all.  It's going to cost quite a bit of money, which could be better spent as the down payment on a house or on making a baby :-)  Jackson will only be 3 at the time, so he won't likely remember anything of the trip any way!  And of course there is the issue of what I want and what my sister wants.  Which are not as compatible as you might think.  So we'll see if it happens at all.  As one friend said, sometimes living on a budget sucks, but you have to look at what you really want.  I really want a house, and another baby.

The birthday party we were at was for a little girl who turned 2.  She has a little brother who is now 5 months old.  Jackson was quite taken with baby Cooper. And was talking about him this morning, and saying mommy has a baby Cooper too.  I have asked him a couple times if he would like a sibling, comparing it to a few of his daycare friends who are twins or who have older siblings he also knows at daycare.  He has always said no.  But today he said sure.  Yes I know, he's 2, he certainly doesn't understand, but it was something lol. 

The party ended later than it was supposed to, both their families are notoriously late for things, so Jackson was also quite tired by the time we got home, and having just had some cake and ice cream, was not really in the mood to go to bed.  That didn't help his overnight sleep too much, but he woke up at his normal time.  I hope the rest of this week goes well, it can take a few days to adjust to the time change and get back on track.  It will be interesting to see how it goes.  I think last year was easier because he was going to bed quite a bit earlier, so it was more adjusting him to a normal bed time.  This year will be different.  I'm hoping the fresh air, and a bath tonight, will help him sleep.  And a short'ish nap. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Planning a big trip

The other day I was talking to a friend at work about my "dream  board"  this is a big bristol board where I put photos and copies of things I want, or want to happen.  So I was adding my house, the one I found a floor plan for that I really like and is in my price range (when I get that far) and is going to be mine.  He asked what else is on there, well a picture of Disney with a kid having lots of fun, the car I want, a few other  things.  So 30 seconds later my phone badabings at me, I have a message. We finish or conversation and I check my message. It's my sister, she thinks we all should go to Disney this Christmas.  The 4 of them, my parents and me and Jackson.  Huh.  My friend, when I told him, said I should put winning the lottery on my board...

Now I'm in the process of figuring out if I can afford this.  How much will it cost? My parent's are retired so they are in charge of researching where to stay, my sister and I think we should rent a house with a pool as it would be cheaper than staying at Disney itself.  I'm sure we can find something with 4 bedrooms that would work for us.  Then the flight, we can fly direct from Ottawa to Orlando which is great, I'm hoping Jackson does well on the plane, and I do.  I haven't flown in a long time, and I was normally pretty good at it, never bothered me.  But I have a kid now and am much more aware of what can go wrong for some reason.  We also need to get passports.  I wonder what that will be like, getting his picture done?  I am hoping there are no issues with travelling with him, there is no father listed on the birth certificate so I don't think it will be an issue, I will of course take the birth certificate as well as the passport just in case.  I do not want any issues!

I think it will be a lot of fun. Of course it has made me have to change my baby 2 plans.  This cuts into the budget I was working on for that, and timing wise I don't want to be just after an IUI or first trimester and going on this trip.  So I will have to consider all of that. 

Now I'm off to put my head on a photo of someone winning the lottery and getting the giant cheque for $50 million... wish me luck ;-)