Friday, October 2, 2015

Growing Up

Jackson is at a sleepover tonight. He is at his friend's house, they were playing and he had pizza for supper. I hope he is going to sleep tonight, actually I hope he is asleep now. He will be tired the rest of the weekend, but I guess it's worth it! He will have a lot of fun, I hope he makes it the whole night, but if not I am ready to go get him when I need to. No calls yet though!

It is funny to be home with an empty house. Strange to be able to watch "grown up" tv, and not worry about whether he's asleep yet or not. I guess as he gets older I'll experience this more, sleepovers, even just his going to a friend's house. It is very odd, I'm so used to having him here now. I'm not sure if I like it! Perhaps I'll have to find a new hobby or take a class or something.

Work is work, but I did pass a test for a manager position and am waiting for the next steps in that. It would not be a permanent promotion, and not much of a raise, but the experience would hopefully mean a chance to get the experience I need to get a higher level, better paying, position, and the language training I need. Ultimately, if I am lucky, I can retire at 55, that's 15 years away. But I need a really good 5 years to make the most of the pension, so a higher position would be good. Being in management is more work though, and harder while Jackson is so young. When he is older it would be easier to be late home from work or what have you.

We have both adjusted to back to school, back to work. Jackson is doing well though he sometimes makes comments that make me worry how he is really doing in school. He is quite sensitive and I worry other children are making fun of him, and possibly bullying him, because of it. I am keeping an eye on him, and we talk daily, but I hope I am wrong any way. He enjoys it for the most part, and is learning a lot. But there seem to be some kids who like to be a little too rough. Jackson makes quite a few comments about how he didn't cry, I guess he is like me and will cry more than he likes. Being a boy that of course gets him teased. I have told him that if anyone hurts him he needs to tell the teacher right away. I do not like that I need to tell him that. Being a kid is supposed to be fun and all about learning and growing.

He's lost two more teeth, nothing on top yet, but two more from the bottom. He is very happy to have gotten more money from the tooth fairy. He is learning a lot about money. Some of it he doesn't like. The school has a pizza lunch and last year it was in a few different terms, so it was maybe $24 for the session. This time it is $40 for one slice for the first term, and he wants two slices. So I have said no. And he was mad, so I am sending a mini pizza every Wednesday instead. I can get 4 pizza's for $2 or so, that's 50 cents a meal instead of over $4. I know he'd rather have the school pizza, but he is happy to get pizza at all. He is making funny connections about money though, he says because we went on the trip, 8 months ago, he can't have the pizza at school. Silly boy.

He has decided what he wants to be for Christmas, and it won't be easy! But I will do my best to make it for him. He also knows what he wants for Christmas, and my parents are getting him two of the things. So I can focus on the one left and a few other things. I think we need to get rid of some of the little kid toys though, not sure he'll agree but I hope so! It would be nice to get rid of a few things.