Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Summer but not vacation yet

Summer seems to be here. We are having a very wet season, lots of rain and temperatures are not that hot, yet. Today kiddo said he's sick so we've stayed home, and I am not happy about it. He is now, at 11, saying he feels much better. And wants to go swimming in the backyard. Uh no, not how this works buddy! He has two weeks of swimming lessons that started yesterday so that he will be able to do later. And tomorrow he's back at daycare. I don't have the leave to use for this and am really annoyed with him at the moment.

We had a rough end of school, his behaviour was very bad, with a lot of swearing and yelling, defiance and generally arguing about everything. It was very frustrating and made me mad a lot of the time. He spent a week at my parent's and was the same there, I'm not sure he'll be invited back again. It was refreshing for me, and we are back to it. He went back to daycare and the first two days I got bad reports on his behaviour, again, so we had a chat about how I think he is a good boy but making some bad choices, he seems to have improved. Though today is testing me!

I have until August 4th and then I am on vacation for 5 weeks. I cannot wait. I need a change at work, and am not sure what I will be returning to. I don't intend to stay in my current position for long. The upper management has changed and is a bit nuts. things are a bit toxic and not very happy for most people. I am hoping to change jobs when I get back and get out of it. We shall see I guess!

I got an easy set pool for the back yard, it was on sale and not too expensive. Jackson seems to enjoy. I like having something in the yard to keep him busy and out of trouble. He seems to be growing up and doesn't want to play with toys as much. He is a little obsessed with his iPad, which is probably part of his attitude problems. I did take it away one day because of the name calling and yelling. It seemed to help, for a few days any way.

Finn is doing well. He is all fixed up, all his shots, neutered and up to date on all his heartworm, fleas and tick medicines. Not cheap, but he's cute! He does need to go to the groomers again, but he just had his surgery and can't get wet for another week at least, so I'm waiting until my vacation. I found a place to board him for our Disney trip. They aren't too far and we will go out there to see them when vacation starts. He still likes to chase the cats a little much, so we are working on that still. He doesn't pee in the house so much, but because of my work schedule he is more pee pad trained than outside trained. I'm mostly ok with that. He does go outside when I take him outside, but doesn't ask to go out. We'll work on that while on vacation.

Disney is the last week before he goes back to school. We are looking forward to it. We have all our fastpasses and dining booked, the trip is paid for and I ordered costumes for the Not So Scary Halloween party we have tickets for. I hope the costumes arrive in time! The only thing to pay for on the trip is food and souvenirs. I know how much that should be and we have some time to buy some USD. The rate is getting better too so that's nice.

Buying a house, I finally got my money but have to wait until late September to use it as a down payment. However the housing market is a bit crazy. Things are selling super fast, and for multiple offers. There are no new builds in my price range that have a yard. We may end up going outside the city. There are a few places that are up to 30 minutes from work, so not too bad. We are 20 minutes away now. I'd get a bigger yard, which I suppose is good? I'm not keen on yard work but I'm sure I can learn, or hire someone :) Even outside the city though, it's still hard to find something we want, in a price I'm willing to pay. Jackson wants a big pool, I want my own bathroom, and a nice kitchen. I also don't really want to have to move him in the middle of the school year, so it may be next summer when we move. Gives me time I guess?

We have 3 cruises booked! December this year, April 2018 and January 2019. We do love to travel so it gives me something to look forward to. I actually have two booked in April but need to cancel or move one. I am hoping they release their 2020 or late 2019 itineraries so I can move it to then. Jackson will miss some school, but I don't really care. He's still in elementary school, maybe when he gets to high school it'll make a difference. We were going to go on March break but the flights and everything were crazy expensive!
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