Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Family Day

Monday was a holiday, for some. It is Family Day in Ontario but my job is federal so I had to use vacation to get it off with kiddo. We spent the day at a high school that was set up with bouncy castles, hamster balls, laser tag and other things. He had a lot of fun. Luckily one of his friends was there so he had someone to play with. I was able to sit and chat, and wait. We got there at 10:30 and closed the place at 4. He was the last kid to get his face painted. We ate expensive pizza, expensive popcorn, and kiddo burned a lot of energy.

It was a nice day off, I was a little cranky, but it was good over all. It is always nice to have a day off! It makes for a strange work week though. It's short, but that is good too of course. Work has been busy the past few months, and of course change is coming as always. End result will be good though.

The weather has warmed up, snow is melting. I am glad to be able to see when I am backing up from my driveway. I will be very glad when I can see the grass, but that is still a ways away I think. Jackson enjoys the winter and playing in the snow, but even he is a bit tired of it and anxious to get back on his bike, and back to the park. I hate to feel like I am rushing time but I would really like to get through winter. I find it so hard with the snow, ice, cold and lack of sun. The past few sunny days have been lovely, though I also feel I don't get to enjoy it very much. Hopefully spring is on the way.

We are both excited about our Disney trip in August. It will wrap up the end of our holidays, so far away! I do love going on these trips with him though, I feel like it makes better memories for us, and allows me to get to do all those things that I never did as a kid myself. I am trying to live in the moment more, to enjoy things and do things even if they push us a bit. I want to create memories for him. Outside of school and daycare, and home.

I am still debating what to do about a house, but until I get some paperwork done, get the money, I can't make a decision any way. So I will continue to dream and flip flop on which house, which situation, we will find ourselves in. I know he will more likely have to change schools. I think he will be ok with that in the end. He makes friends easily, he is a good kid. I am more concerned about finding before/after school care for him in a new situation. But even that I know we can work out. Getting a dog means we need a yard, which means different homes than I thought we'd be looking at. Wanting to travel still, means the budget is smaller so we can afford to keep doing that. It will all be good in the end, and we will end up in the house we are meant to. Perhaps this summer, perhaps next. We are ok here for awhile any way.

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