Friday, January 27, 2017

A quick trip

We've been back from our cruise for almost a week. It was a 6-night cruise and it was far too short. We both really enjoyed it, perfect weather, and it was just so nice to be away. I booked another while we were on board but will have to change it because we can't get direct flights for the date I chose. I can move it without a penalty so I will do that once they open up some more dates in early April. I will be replacing it as well, with another cruise for the same time frame I had booked for.

We flew to Fort Lauderdale, about a week after the tragedy there. Which made me rather nervous, but it went ok. We ended up taking a taxi to the hotel because I didn't have a cellphone to call the hotel shuttle. I think the driver took us for a bit of a ride around, and it cost more than it should have. But whatever. The hotel was nice enough, we walked over to Taco Bell for lunch but it was so slow, we ended up at McDonalds instead. Then to Kmart, we don't have that here. Jackson got some little cars. Silly kid. He wanted to swim, but the pool was not heated so it was rather cold. He swam, I watched, and when he started to turn blue lipped with shivering I made him get out. We went back to Taco Bell for supper, he really wanted to try it, and then ended up getting McDonalds as well, the tacos were good but wow the service was so slow!

Sunday morning we had breakfast at the hotel, well kiddo didn't really eat anything. My goodness he is picky. We took a shuttle to the ship and were on super quick. Right after we ate some lunch we got to go to our cabin, kiddo put on a swim suit and we went swimming. Also not heated. He swam a bit before the emergency drill. Then it was pretty much time to get ready for supper and the ship headed out. Our luggage was super late arriving. We signed him up for the kids club, which he didn't go to at all! We had table mates for dinner from Toronto, which was kind of fun. They only came 3 nights. We ran into them all over the ship though.

We had a sea day and Jackson played in the H20 zone a lot. We played games, walked around the ship, ate hot dogs for lunch (he did that everyday) and generally enjoyed the sun and nice weather.

Our ports were Cayman Islands, Cozumel and Costa Maya. They were all quite amazing. We swam with sting rays on a practically private tour, went to beaches, he used his goggles to look at fish under the water. It was all over far too fast. Our last sea day was nice as well, lots of time in the splash zone, a good dinner, packing up and then to bed.

Enjoying Costa Maya beaches

7 Years good luck for kissing a sting ray

Debarkation was a disaster and I thought we were going to miss the flight home. Next time we will take our bags off ourselves for sure. I still get stressed thinking about it. But we caught the flight, barely. Jackson got sick on the flight home but still wants to go again. There was turbulence so that explains it. I wish he'd take some gravol or something before the flight.

The cats were super happy to see us when we got home. They were well taken care of while we were gone though. I spent Sunday doing laundry, some groceries and that's it! Back to work as of Monday, feels like I didn't have a vacation at all, but will start working on plans for the next one soon.

I still haven't received my back pay although everyone I know has received some money. If I don't have anything by the 8th I'm finally allowed to call and find out what's going on. I got information about the severance portion, which I will put into my RRSP and use as a down payment for a home. I can't decide when I want to buy though, or what. So I will be here for awhile. I keep thinking of all the extra expenses when you own. My furnace died the day before my trip, landlord had it replaced while we were away. Expensive. Fence fell over this summer and got replaced, expensive!  So many things and they add up.

Work has been frustrating, I like the project I am working on but feel like I'm the only one doing anything, or perhaps I'm just not being kept in the loop very much. Maybe a little of both. I will try and stick it out. I notice that this is the time of year I start wanting a change, job or whatever. We'll see I suppose!

I will be getting us both snorkeling masks and we'll be practicing in the pool in preparation for next time. I will also be getting us Nexus passes to speed up crossing the borders, and also I think clearing security in some US places. I was asked for his birth certificate on the way home this time, I had it with me. But it was still kind of annoying. One of those things I guess.

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