Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

We made it through the holidays! Well we have tomorrow off still to get through but I guess we made it past the interesting days. Christmas was good, he got lots of gifts he was happy to get, and my sister got him a hatchimal which is funny, creepy, annoying, and well enjoyed. Last night was tricky. Jackson really wanted to stay up until midnight, but by 9 he was tired and ready for a nap. He had a little rest but was back up soon. Apparently he had an image of a big party with lots of people talking and chatting, eating food and having fun. The weather was crappy though so we didn't go out. Around 10:30 I could see he was done so I flipped the TV to Newfoundland, they are 90 minutes ahead so it was midnight there. We counted down, said happy new year, kissed (he hates kisses but he gave me one on the cheek and let me kiss his head). Then we danced and he ate a bit more candy before we went up to bed. By 11 he was out. He wasn't too happy about it though, and he got up at 7 this morning any way.

Today was a long day. I am, by nature, an introvert. I thrive on alone time. Kiddo is not like me. He doesn't like to be alone at all, so it gets hard on me sometimes, like when we are together for 10 days in a row and he doesn't want to leave me alone and all I want is to sit and read a book or something. Normal work/school days I get some time in the morning before I get him up, and then again at the end of my work day before I get him from daycare. This week has been hard for me. Of course he takes it to mean I don't like him/love him, and he feels bad. Once again I explain, hopefully he will remember but I guess we'll see. I do love my kid, and I like him too, he is a good kid. But I just thrive on some me time! He stays up later so I get less after bedtime, and last night I had none. Today was rough for me.

For New Years I joined a transformation challenge. I know I won't win the challenge but I am still hopeful. I realize I will miss a week due to the cruise, I will do my best to eat well, but do plan to enjoy the things I like while I'm travelling. My goal is to start working out tomorrow, we will see how that goes with kiddo at home, and to do mainly cardio until the trip. I will use some of my easier videos to get back on track. When I get back I have a new set I got through airmiles that is a 60 day plan, and I will do that. I may add on some extra cardio as I go. I plan to cut carbs and processed foods, hopefully before and after the trip. It is hard with having to feed kiddo but if I plan and do pre-cooking on the weekends it usually goes ok. I mean I am making the cats food now, surely I can make my own!

Once the 60 days are up I will still have 2 weeks to the end of the challenge, and the plan is to really do whatever I can to make the most of those two weeks. I still can't believe I took, and posted, my before pictures. Hopefully they will prove motivating over the next few months. The trickiest parts will be doing all of this and keeping kiddo happy. It should be that if I am happy, it's easier for kiddo to be happy too. That doesn't always work though.

Other than the challenge I don't really have any goals for 2017. I may buy a house, we will likely plan another trip. I would like to yell less, though I think I have gotten better at that over the past year any way. I hope to cook more, plan more, so I don't just say "let's eat out". I think we will be happy, as we usually are. Though kiddo would be happier if I played with him more. I would be happier if he played on his own more. Whatever happens, we will be together.

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